IMG 8549fi 460x270 - The Tube's new Walbrook entrance finally opens!

The new entrance/exit off Walbrook has opened – and its three years late in the running, not that those delays was going to affect anyone immaterially because Bank tube station already has many entrances. This is a new addition – but what a difference it makes in terms of accessRead More →

DSC 0645sml 460x270 - Evolution of a manhole cover

This is the first post of what will be things I see on my walks around London on the same day. Today I saw some manhole covers and associated them with others seen on yesterday’s walk. Some of you may have noticed the numerous ubiquitous, oblong, Post Office Telegraph covers.Read More →

DSC 0096 460x270 - The line ends here

I was in Epping today doing some photographs for some new posts on the Central Line. The eastern end of the Central Line with disused tracks beyond the platforms. The last time I was here was on 30 Sept 1994, the last day Epping had a through station rather thanRead More →

DSC 5497 460x270 - Leicester Square to Covent Garden - time tests

This is the third part of the Leicester Square -Covent Garden investigation – how long it takes to use the tube/walk between the two stations. Here’s Part One: An overview Part Two: Station sightings Covent Garden station – start of the most expensive, useless, tube journey in London! In November 2016Read More →

night 460x270 - Night Tube out to the sticks

The tube has some strange timetable quirks such as the Circle/Hammersmith and City lines which run odd workings from Ealing or Upminster plus a handful of late night trains through Central London. It begs the question how early one can get out into the sticks – eg Bucks, Essex, Herts – do any strange workings enable it? Alas there’sRead More →

IMG 5487 460x270 - Old Hounslow West terminus & the A1 express - repost

Now that a third runway has been authorised for Heathrow, more changes to the Piccadilly Line will be needed. These pictures from the early 1980s show remains of the original Hounslow West station after it was truncated and the tracks extended to serve Heathrow. The extension was opened in 1977. Hounslow West was builtRead More →

billnell63 349x270 - William Mitchell - LU Signal Engineer

Some of the posts on London underground have been dedicated to William Mitchell. This post explains him. William Mitchell was a LU Signal Engineer who worked for the London Transport Executive/London Transport Board. William & his wife knew my family and he introduced me to the London Underground rail system atRead More →

IMG 6806 460x270 - Leicester Square Triology 3 - More about the station

CENTRE KIOSK The centre kiosk area was originally empty and used for a floral display when the station first opened. The circular central glass area was built later and used as a display unit before becoming a control room. This picture shows it in use as a showcase display forRead More →

IMG 6761 460x270 - The Night Tube's first nite

London Underground staff give their thumbs up to the new service Ihe first night of London’s #Nighttube, most of the activity took place on the Central Line platforms at Oxford Circus, this was clearly the busiest station on the Night Tube (by decree of being theonly interchange between the twoRead More →

Many of us have seen at least one or two of the tube mice that live on London’s underground rail system. It is said there are at least 500,000 of them. A tell-tail sign givng the mouse’s location away! Glimpses of the mice are usually fleeting as they scurry acrossRead More →

IMG 2245 460x270 - Coffee pots - an update

On a westbound tube train today I found myself in view of the Barbican’s coffee pot signal right opposite my train window, so what better than to take a picture showing the off-side of one of these signals? The method of construction of these coffee pot signals is more clearerRead More →

IMG 2062 460x270 - Leicester Square Triology 2 - The modern bits of old

This is part two of a triology on Leicester Square tube station. Part one was published in May 2016 THE FORMER NEWPORT STREET ENTRANCE Leicester Square station once had five exits although only four can be seen today. The fifth is still there but now has a different purpose andRead More →

IMG 8577 460x270 - LU staff readying for the Night Tube!

The night tube begins next month. What better than to have London tube staff wear party hats for the launch of the new overnight tube services? Here’s a sampler of what the staff will be looking like come August 19th 🙂 The previous night I spotted the ‘Night Tube’ train,Read More →

IMG 7777 460x270 - Fantastic LT roundel poster!

TfL has just published a new poster commemorating the evolution of the LT roundel. Seems Marylebone’s southbound platform has the only large sized poster so far on the network. There are smaller versions at other tube stations for the escalators as shown below.Read More →

IMG 7574 460x270 - King's Cross - for Regents Park?

King’s Cross – alight here for Regent’s Park? The ‘Park’ can be just seen underneath the Canal stickers That is what someone had in mind when they designed the new King’s Cross tube station signs! Despite this work being completed in 2009 I never noticed this until I took a close look atRead More →

DSC 0140 460x270 - London Underground's coffee pots

These coffee pots were once numerous in London yet do not have coffee in them! What are they? It’s a particular design of signal on the London Underground, a very old one. They looked rather like a coffee pot so that’s their name. Coffee pot signals have been about since the tube’s early days. This isRead More →

DSC 0316 460x270 - East & North Acton blues

30 years ago the wooden structures at the tube stations on the western end of the Central Line were painted in blue colours! Here’s a couple of pictures to prove it! East Acton in blue! 26 June 1987 East Acton 19 June 2016. The lamposts remain, the clock’s been movedRead More →

DSC 0789 460x270 - Fluorescent tube roundels!

Southwark tube station has installed fluorescent style tube roundels for a few short days (16-19 June) to celebrate the opening of the new Tate Modern extension. Three different colour styles were used. I went along to have a look.The eastbound platform with green on pink roundelPink on green roundel designedRead More →