IMG 3704fi 460x270 - London's JFK statue - update

I wrote about the vandalisation of London’s one and only memorial to the former US President John F Kennedy. The shocking act was barely reported in the media, and not one important blog mentioned it either – very unheard of. That is why I wrote a piece on the matter.Read More →

01011293 460x270 - The Southend Pier railway

The unusual three foot six inch gauge railway as it was known in its final form began operation in 1949. The exact date for the introduction of the new trains, signalling and crossovers took place on 13th April 1949. The pier’s first railway began partial operation in 1889 thus thisRead More →

DSC 0824fi 460x270 - Lincoln Road crossing

A few weeks back I made a trip to a unique foot crossing, possibly the most unusual of all those to be found in London – and its absolutely nothing like any of the other foot crossings anywhere in all of Greater London. This is the Lincoln Road crossing inRead More →

IMG 6690fi 460x270 - Tottenham Court Road's two-way look

Easter 2019 saw the main London road (northbound direction only for decades) revert to two way though the southbound lane is mainly for buses. Other traffic heading south must use Gower Street as usual (its also been made two way.) With the ongoing demonstrations in Central London, its difficult toRead More →

tflroadsmapfi 460x270 - London's Carmageddon map

TfL has a lovely new London-wide map except its not what you think – its a car/roads oriented network map. You can be sure these corridors of diesel or petrol power (some ironically alongside what could be called corridors of petal power) are where people with more money than senseRead More →

IMG 3367fi 460x270 - Extinction Rebellion #2

The protests continue into their fourth day with protesters having as much of a hold on Central London as at the start of the week. Police have continued to attempt to remove people, however its currently making no difference. Tonight there was an attempt to clear Parliament Square and reinforcementsRead More →

DSC 0945fi 460x270 - Extinction Rebellion #1

The Extinction Rebellion took over much of Central London, as well as other cities in the UK, including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham and in a number of countries abroad. The activists’ aspirations is to hold out for at least two weeks, although the police have given warnings they should holdRead More →

nukemushroom 460x270 - The ending's always near...

Yesterday we had Notre Dame burn to the ground. Many of us were shocked and even in tears. I have been there, I used to go to Paris a lot, and loved it. I thought about putting my photos of it on social media, but everyone is doing it, soRead More →

IMG 3235fi 460x270 - Burlington Arcade celebrates its 200th

This is the one with the Beadles! The Burlington Arcade has reached two centuries and its one of perhaps a couple of places in London that has continuously employed Beadles on its watch. The arcade is found on Piccadilly right next to the Royal Academy, just round the corner fromRead More →

IMG 6028fi 460x270 - Hammersmith bridge's in such a state!

The oldest most upstream road bridge on the fully tidal section of the Thames suddenly closed a few days ago much to the anger of many. It however provided an opportunity for me to go and investigate exactly what ailed the bridge, especially as I have taken a number ofRead More →