DSC 5944fi 460x270 - RV1 ends

As a good number of my readers will know, the RV1 ended last night. Although I was not able to go out due to injuries, here’s a quick post plus some social media pictures of the RV1’s finale. This round of bus cuts is the most hefty so far byRead More →

121813123 460x270 - A non-existent post

I thought I would try my skills at something different. A post that doesn’t exist. Well it does but its not meant to if you know what I mean! If you think about it, it has no essence other than to plead its very existence by claiming it doesn’t exist…Read More →

lightsealbdwyfi 460x270 - The lights die down on Ealing Broadway

For years I’ve seen the lights at Ealing Broadway station. And they are dead! Here Comes the Supernatural Anaesthetist – saying its time to write of them. For long years these lights have been in oblivion. Just waiting for annihilation. And so it begins…. Its TfL’s own Grand Parade ofRead More →

DSCF0564test 460x270 - Snowdon's Hafod Eryri 10 years

Wales’ so called ‘highest slum’ – the old Snowdon summit building – was replaced in 2009 with a brand new design by Ray Hole, and called Hafod Eryri, which means roughly summer residence. It was built to better match the summit of Snowdon than the old building did and hasRead More →

tubeposter2 460x270 - Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #2

The second part of this series. These are all tweets not covered in the first part – and there’s plenty too. Its the result of patiently searching Twitter then copying and pasting urls into the post. You might think its an easy job, five minutes or so. Its actually veryRead More →

IMG 8491fi 460x270 - Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street

This is some guy who’s said to live at a place known as 221b Baker Street. Non-existent obviously but has a huge following and many films, some recent with Robert Downey, a TV series with Benedict Cumberbatch. Sherrinford smokes a pipe, frequently refers to his mate Ormond as ‘Elementary.’ TheRead More →

pilatusfi 460x270 - The Pilatus Bahn at 130

The Pilatus Bahn at 130. Switzerland’s famous rack railway and the steepest example in the world opened to the public on 4th June 1889. The line uses a unique patent of rack rail devised by Eduard Locher who realised the normal types of rack railway would not be able toRead More →

gondolasfi 460x270 - Emirates cable car in miniature!

Budding model collectors have an opportunity to collect one of just 99 specially created models depicting London’s Emirates cable car! These are priced at £300 each – so make it quick before they sell out! The exclusive collectors models can be found at this LT Museum page. LT Museum says:Read More →

IMG 8189fi 460x270 - The cost of hosting US Presidents

Its that time again when a whole swathe of Regent’s Park is given over to a particular purpose – at great cost to the country – and probably of little benefit too – especially this time round! Yes you guessed – its the Trump visit. This unpopular President no doubtRead More →

wdhdtnlfi 460x270 - Woodhead and the EM2s

A tribute to the now closed railway tunnel and its famous EM2 locomotives. The tunnel was the UK’s longest landwards example built during the 20th Century. Two major collapses caused huge delays in construction. The total cost was £4.3 million. It opened more than a year late in 1954 completeRead More →

tubeposter1 460x270 - Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #1

A goody bag of tweets covering many different types of vintage London Underground posters, many dating back to the very early days of the tube. This post was originally prepared in 2017, which explains why tweets only go up to that year. A new post has been done with thoseRead More →

IMG 3046fi 460x270 - Angerstein crossing brief update

It has transpired that Network Rail wants to close the crossing because they want the track profile altered and the layout remodelled. They say they could provide a new crossing further north but this is slightly in conflict with their plans. Their preferred option, the fullest one with the mostRead More →

DSC 0125 460x270 - Waterloo's new tube entrance!

This morning the ‘new’ tube entrance at Waterloo was opened. Or if you prefer, re-opened. Confused? More in a moment on that! Today is the soft opening, and next week there will be fanfare when an official opening takes place. The long awaited tube entrance on the north side ofRead More →

IMG 8350fi 460x270 - Build Crossrail's City Airport station!

Again & again it’s been said Crossrail should have a City Airport station. This week the news is City Airport’s in discussion with TfL on it. Crossrail actually passes through the site of the old Silvertown station on the North London Line and this was once City Airport’s official station!Read More →

IMG 7983FI 460x270 - Coal Drops Yard's confused outlook?

Today I was at CDY to catch up with what has been happening. Its not a terribly good picture. I was shown around the place (even though I know it well) and shown units that had closed for lack of business. There’s also units that have not yet seen aRead More →

IMG 4443fi 460x270 - Daimen Hirst rides London's Tide!

You may have not heard of it but London’s new Tide is coming! Riding it will be Damien Hirst himself – or rather – two of his sculptures! ‘The Tide’ is a high level walk from just outside the O2 itself to the Thames and is sort of a gardenRead More →

IMG 7910fi 460x270 - The GWR HST finale

The main part of the HST finale on 18th May took place in the late pm and early evening. My other post here, deals briefly with events earlier in the day. As I expected there was a huge turnout, I don’t really go in for these sort of events, butRead More →

IMG 4725fi 460x270 - Azuma & HST Finale

Today’s special post is about the Azuma finale. But they’ve only just started! Sorry, you’re right. This post should be about the last HST’s out of Paddington apologies! Today is the big day when HST’s bow out of main GWR services, and practically all the day’s services have been andRead More →