tubeposter1 460x270 - Tube Vintage Poster Tweets #1

A goody bag of tweets covering many different types of vintage London Underground posters, many dating back to the very early days of the tube. This post was originally prepared in 2017, which explains why tweets only go up to that year. A new post has been done with thoseRead More →

DSC 0082fi 460x270 - Victoria Line 50th - a cake of a time!

September 1st 2018 was the 50th anniversary of the opening of the first section of the Victoria Line. I had intended to do a report on the day’s events for publication just a few days after but it just got put to one side and eventually was forgotten altogether. FinallyRead More →

DtqpZ0RW4AAVL7Ffi 460x270 - Those Adidas tube trainers

You’ve read about these Adidas tube trainers right? Here’s a quick look at the different varieties and the lines they cover, plus special editions and possible quirks. They’re naturally expensive with prices starting at £80 or more upwards, and approaching £150 or more for the special editions. Prices are goingRead More →

DSC 0810fi 460x270 - Victoria Line oddities

In just six weeks time its the Victoria Line’s big anniversary. The 1st September last year was commemorated with celebrations by Victoria Line and TfL staff and included special publicity, posters, special birthday cakes, speeches and so on. The one in December was missed off because its not really significantRead More →

DSC 0581fi 460x270 - Reshaping London's tube for the future

Two new tube lines for London – without anyone really noticing! I actually wrote this in November last year on top of the series covering the Piccadilly Line’s extension to Cockfosters, but put it aside as I decided I wasn’t authoritative or knowledgeable enough to discuss such matters. I evenRead More →

DSC 0733fi 460x270 - Modernising London’s sub surface lines #2

A second post on the Four Lines Modernisation (4LM) including a look at the trains and track transmitters. The recent Easter weekend tests on the Edgware Road – Hammersmith Line were apparently successful – each station had engineers with computers testing the trains’ progress to see how they managed theRead More →

DSC 0498fi 460x270 - The Piccadilly Line Extension: Cockfosters 2

This is the second part of the Cockfosters article. The first briefly looked at the station’s design and Holden’s intentions with regards to how the station was actually going to be designed. Here we look at the station itself as it is today, the possible reasons for the design thatRead More →

IMG 9256fi 460x270 - The Night Tube - First anniversary nite

One year ago the Night Tube officially began on 19 August 2016, though strictly services began in the early hours of the 20th August. Here are some pictures I took on the night of 19/20 August 2017 to commemorate that very first year. These were taken between 11.45pm and 01.30am.Read More →

IMG 6885fi 460x270 - The Night Tube - One Year Ago

I featured the night tube several times last year, including its first night, and today is the first anniversary of its beginnings on the Central and Victoria Lines, 19th August 2016. Here are some pictures from that very first night. Most have not been published before. All taken in theRead More →

DSC 0121 460x270 - London's tube stations that began life as a terminus

When one asks which tube stations are true underground termini, Brixton, Walthamstow (both Victoria Line) and Bank, Waterloo (both Waterloo & City Line), Elephant and Castle (Bakerloo Line) plus Heathrow Terminal Five (Piccadilly Line) will most likely come to mind. There were loads more underground tube station termini at oneRead More →

DSC 0047sml 460x270 - Hayward Brothers on the tube

Another as it happens blog post – and so soon after the first one! I wanted to gradually make it a regular feature but it seems I am diving in at the deep end. This one is being done at 4.00am – and again its about manhole covers. I amRead More →

woodla10 460x270 - Central Line - beyond Caxton Road

This is a slight update of the article first posted two years ago featuring the Central Line around Wood Lane and White City and shows how the area has changed and previously overground section of the Central Line are now underground. The header image shows the Central Line tracks asRead More →

DSC 0096 460x270 - The line ends here

I was in Epping today doing some photographs for some new posts on the Central Line. The eastern end of the Central Line with disused tracks beyond the platforms. The last time I was here was on 30 Sept 1994, the last day Epping had a through station rather thanRead More →

IMG 0220 460x270 - Make love not walls

Diesel’s advertisement feature seen at Oxford Circus tube station March 8 2016 Its been underway for about a month, with major launches at London’s South Bank and during London Fashion Week, finally made its way to Oxford Circus – there’s a simultaneous campaign too on Leicester Square’s escalators. “The firstRead More →

DSC 1315 460x270 - Drummonds' drive-in

Did you know Drummonds Bank (now part of Royal; Bank of Scotland) once had Central London’s only drive-in bank? Whilst these are a common feature in the US the UK never really took up the idea. The UK’s first ever drive-in bank was at Toxeth, Liverpool (Westminster Bank) followed byRead More →

DSC 5451 460x270 - Leicester Square to Covent Garden - Station sightings

Covent Garden tube station – where London’s most expensive tube trip begins. This is the second part of my investigation into the Leicester Square/Covent Garden conundrum.The first part is here. We look at the overground route using photos to ascertain if the stations can be seen from each other. PopularRead More →

IMG 0065 460x270 - The No Trousers Tube Ride

The annual No Trousers Tube Ride took place on January 8th 2017, led by Dave and Ivan. On the northbound Bakerloo at Piccadilly Circus. All change en route to Oxford Circus! It began at Piccadilly Circus with a trip on the Bakerloo where participants de-trousered for the event. Waiting forRead More →

IMG 0159 460x270 - No Pants Mannequin Kings Cross

Today (8th January) was No Pants Day on London’s tube! It was brought forward due to a tube strike. One of the efforts involved a mannequin challenge at Kings Cross – here are some pictures. Participants posed in a manner akin to people running for trains or pointing at timetables,Read More →