pilatusfi 460x270 - The Pilatus Bahn at 130

The Pilatus Bahn at 130. Switzerland’s famous rack railway and the steepest example in the world opened to the public on 4th June 1889. The line uses a unique patent of rack rail devised by Eduard Locher who realised the normal types of rack railway would not be able toRead More →

derschweizfi 460x270 - Queen Victoria in Switzerland

England’s favourite Queen, Victoria, spent an entire month in Switzerland a hundred and fifty years ago during August and September 1868. She was stationed in Lucerne but spent many a day travelling through the country in her favourite carriage, the Balmoral Socialble, or trekking on her favourite ponies, Flora andRead More →

schollenenfi 460x270 - Driving thro rail tunnels for fun!

Whilst discussing the Gotthard Bahn the other week I got this idea for a couple of ‘road trips’ through some railway tunnels. Generally no-one can just drive cars through any railway tunnels, but what I am about to discuss is very different! Take for example the Schöllenen railway. Some ofRead More →

01011233fi 460x270 - The Gotthard Bahn

The Gotthard Railway is one of the world’s most spectacular railways. It was a very difficult line to build however it set the standard for mountainous terrain which railways needed to traverse. It too had the world’s longest tunnel, although that was eventually superseeded by the Lotschberg and ultimately theRead More →

pilatus 460x270 - Pilatus - A leaflet's 50th anniversary!

Isnt this blog getting a bit weird? A post about a mountain named Pilatus – wherever that might be! Okay, hold onto your hats! This blog has gone abroad before – Austria, France, the USA. Just getting around a bit 🙂 Pilatus is actually a mountain in Central Switzerland (ZentralRead More →