IMG 5410fi 460x270 - Another Europe

This is a new photography exhibition based about the west side of King’s Cross station. The subjects depicted are generally traditions and cultures specific to each of the 28 countries in Europe that are being lost. The photographs shown here are my own selection of those on exhibition. There areRead More →

1878sml 460x270 - Eadweard Muybridge

Eadweard Muybridge whom you probably know is the famous photographer, the first ever human ever to show how humans and animals moved. Muybridge was a pioneer in photography when you come to think about it, he found new uses for the medium, and this was at a time when photographyRead More →

kingxpostII 460x270 - 1LondonBlog - The first five years

This month is the 5th anniversary of the beginnings of 1LondonBlog! The blog originally began as part of several tasks required on the course I was doing at the City of Westminster College. That essay was to set up a (student) blog… I never planned to keep it going, inRead More →

DSC 5864 460x270 - Jerry's Drums & Band

Jerry with his colleagues by Waterstones in Trafalgar Square. Jerry is a specialist session drummer, whose job is creating drum sounds and tempos. Occasionally he can be found on the busking circuit along with his mates, and they make a great band. No vocals, just live, pure jam session music.Read More →

postersml 460x270 - My poster pic of The Hod

This is a post detailing a photograph I took of The Hod on 21st March 2017. These were taken just before they played one of their regular Trafalgar Square gigs. I took the picture with my EF-S10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM. It was 18.10pm and the light quality was quite poor whenRead More →

DSC 2886 460x270 - Paper Aviary

This new attraction is just a short distance from Piccadilly Circus at St James’ Market – a modern resurrection of the old 17th Century market. Paper Aviary was launched on 15th February 2017 and is sited in the St James Pavilion. #Introducing: the Paper Aviary at #StJamesMarket Pavilion. An exhibitionRead More →

IMG 1174sml - Centre Point - Day & night

Two views of Centre Point (shrouded in sheeting of course) from a similar viewpoint in Charing Cross Road during 2016. I used different lenses for each composition. The daytime shot was taken with my rare 28-105mm hybrid Canon lens. My 40mm f2.8 lens was used for the night shot. TheRead More →

DSC 9361 460x270 - Yamaha Wardour Street

Novello House – home of Yamaha Music. 152-160 Wardour Street, London. Novello House which is just off Oxford Street has long been a base for music since it was first built in 1906. For a few years it doubled as an enclave for the British Library before becoming a YHARead More →

DSC 7365 460x270 - Leicester Square's blackbirds

I rarely go to Leicester Square, there’s nothing there for me, its quite soulless these days and it’s just a place for those who have money. I have however noticed the redevelopment on the west side of the square in what was largely once the huge Mc Donalds (and soonRead More →

IMG 6827 460x270 - The Dog Shoot

Late last night at Piccadilly Circus by Eros there was this dog photo shoot. The compositions entailed the dog (pardon the pun) looking at the camera with Ripley’s as background. The crew’s equipment included a PIXAPRO® light/power pack plus Canon 7d Mk ii’s & ‘L’ lens. The dog was gettingRead More →