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DSC 0692fi 460x270 - Euston Square - Who cares?

For the entire summer or so there has been this amazing opportunity to get a electric shock at Euston Square, perhaps even top oneself! And its on a major commuter route to a railway and bus station 🙂 How can that be? One of the lamp posts has been withoutRead More →

DSC 0892 460x270 - Rolling Stones at Marble Arch #2

The second part of the Rolling Stones at Marble Arch – except this time it’s most likely not there! The first part of this series can be seen here. These photographs from the sixties are said to be in the subways leading to Marble Arch’s underground car park. Rolling StonesRead More →

IMG 4029 460x270 - Divers at Floating Pocket Park

General view of the Floating Park Saturday 29 April 2017 Sign warning of divers at work! Divers were at the Floating Pocket Park this weekend, on what is clearly a difficult job. Getting the modular pontoon floats in position ready to be pulled underwater. Their task is to place moreRead More →

DSC 0978 460x270 - Floating Pocket Park progress

Several days ago I wrote of the Floating Park in Paddington – that there seemed to be some issues with the pontoons & weight mass which was causing everything to go uneven. I revisited the basin this evening and it seems some of the problems have been sorted although barelyRead More →

DSC07963crp 460x270 - Old railway tunnel at King's Cross

The ‘Widened Lines’ (or what is left of them) are rail tunnels between St Pancras and Farringdon now used by Thameslink. The tunnels were a joint venture between the Great Northern and Metropolitan Railways and completed in 1866. Historically the lines also linked to King’s Cross mainline station as wellRead More →

DSC 0326 460x270 - A floating mess at Paddington?

General view of the uncompleted floating gardens looking towards Edgware Road. In September last year plans were announced for London’s first Floating Gardens to be based on the canal in Paddington right by where the basin meets Edgware Road. Have you heard about the plans for a floating garden onRead More →

whitehallrly 460x270 - More pneumatic railway proposals in London

Following my posts on the Hyde Park Pneumatic (the ‘sewer railway’) and the Beach Transit Subways, this is a further look at attempts to build subterranean pneumatic railways in London – and we cover a number of obscure schemes including the Victoria Station & Thames Embankment and the Oxford Street & City Railways.Read More →

DSC 0851 460x270 - Park Lane gardens

One of London’s most secret (and not so secret) gardens! Several times a year its a pretty sight with its fantastic displays of flowers despite the traffic whizzing past at up to 40mph. People may tout other London gardens as being great including that at Embankment – but Park LaneRead More →

DSC 2589 460x270 - The attempt to see Lord Byron

Lord Byron’s statue is in the middle of an inaccessible traffic island… I’ve often peered at it from one of the numerous buses that ply up and down Park Lane. As the seasons turned to spring I took a snap decision courage to pay Byron. It was already getting darkRead More →

DSC 1544 460x270 - Rolling Stones at Marble Arch #1

The Stones iconic image taken at Marble Arch in June 1963. The photographs were taken presumably as publicity material for their new single ‘Come On’ and the tweet below confirms it. The #RollingStones in Marble Arch, London [1963]Their debut single – ‘Come On’ – was released on 7th June 1963.Read More →