London buses

DSC 5944fi 460x270 - RV1 ends

As a good number of my readers will know, the RV1 ended last night. Although I was not able to go out due to injuries, here’s a quick post plus some social media pictures of the RV1’s finale. This round of bus cuts is the most hefty so far byRead More →

IMG 6690fi 460x270 - Tottenham Court Road's two-way look

Easter 2019 saw the main London road (northbound direction only for decades) revert to two way though the southbound lane is mainly for buses. Other traffic heading south must use Gower Street as usual (its also been made two way.) With the ongoing demonstrations in Central London, its difficult toRead More →

2019 03 23 0fi 460x270 - London's Shop Linker bus anniversary

Forty years ago one of London’s short lived bus routes was seen on the capitals streets for a few months. This was Shop Linker with its red and yellow buses. The idea of the service was to provide an easy and convenient link between the West End and Kensington HighRead More →

2019 03 23 8fi 460x270 - The 40th anniversary of LT's last RT services

Eighty years ago the first RT bus entered service with London Transport. This was RT1, formerly ST1140, a temporary hybrid of a bus allocated to Hanwell garage on the 18c route. By April 1939 it had a new body and after evaluation was allocated to Putney (Chelverton Road) for RouteRead More →

DSC01586fi 460x270 - The Golden Jubilee Buses #2

This is the second part of the Golden Jubilee Buses feature and specifically covers RT4172, mainly working the 6 route. For the Golden Jubilee, RT4172 worked the 6, 38 and the 73 plus the Jubilee bus parade. Several Jubilee Bus Tours were undertaken too covering various London bus routes andRead More →

16 08 03fi 460x270 - The Golden Jubilee Buses #1

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee was in February 2002, and for a period of three years from 2002 to 2005 a number of London’s buses were painted in gold to commemorate the occasion. Most however worked 2002-04 thus this month would be roughly halfway between those points in time, this beingRead More →

CC89203 3323609 460x270 - The Elizabeth Line touts its first closures!

In true British railway fashion, the new Elizabeth Line is destined to suffer the same ignominy as all of Britain’s other railway lines. Come December 2018 the new railway opens with fanfare… and then almost immediately it closes! Is this the Elizabeth Line’s first practice run at bustitution? Crossrail’s notRead More →

DSC 0521fi 460x270 - My take on Diamond Geezer's buses

Diamond Geezer’s very own list of London bus records was quite intriguing. Here’s my take upon that list. These are VERY SERIOUS attempts. Please do not try and laugh. Thank you! The lowest numbered bus route – 1 (can’t get any lower can we?) The lowest numbered bus route withRead More →

yellowbkfi 460x270 - Legible London & other missing files

Many people comment on the fact many original files and documents related to Legible London are no longer to be found on TfL’s website – or anywhere else for that matter. I’ve added a few other goodies discovered along the way! sad to discover most of the design docs forRead More →

CCI08012018 0002fi 460x270 - London Bus Photos – Route 237

Route 237 – Shepherd’s Bush to Sunbury (Three Fishes) Another bus route scanned from my photograph albums compiled many years ago. The 237 went from Shepherd’s Bush to Sunbury Village for just nine years. Its Routemaster services finally ended in February 1987. The 237 and its sister route 37 (asRead More →

CCI01012018fi 460x270 - London Bus Photos – Route 150

Route 150 – Aldgate to Victoria Bus Station This really should have been a 30th anniversary post in the summer of 2017 – however these pictures were found over xmas! The bus route concerned is not the 150 which runs between Becontree Heath and Chigwell Row (which didn’t run onRead More →

47busroutefi 460x270 - London Bus Photos - Route 47

Route 47 – Shoreditch to Downham Way (Bromley Road) I was in Shoreditch today (15th August 2017) and thought to myself, its time for the next post in the London Bus route series. And its the 47! This post begins, not with buses but a cafe! It’s Syd’s Cafe. ThisRead More →

CCI3006201706fi 460x270 - London Bus Photos - Route 2

Route 2 – Baker Street to West Norwood (Rosendale) This is an occasional new series, featuring scans from the many photobooks I patiently compiled on London’s Routemaster routes in the eighties as they were converted to One Person Operation (OPO.) I start with Route 2, which ended Routemaster operation thirtyRead More →

google2 460x270 - A man in Bond Street (and others elsewhere)

Google’s image algorithms are so efficient cows’ faces get blurred in addition to people & car numbers! But what’s this? Google’s street view catches a window cleaner full at work on a Bond Street balcony. At first I assumed he might be a house breaker but a check shows he has a window cleaner’s spongee. I dont suppose heRead More →