Euston Arch

archfi 460x270 - Euston's arch was demolished for a tube station!

Did you know the famous Euston Arch was in the way of the Underground? That new escalators and a ticket hall (to replace the old building and lifts on Melton Street and elsewhere belonging to the Northern Line) were needed? It turns out the demolition of the arch was necessaryRead More →

DSC 0406fi 460x270 - Euston Station Anniversary Special

On this day fifty years ago the Queen opened the new Euston station. This embedded video (below) from You Tube shows pretty much the whole proceedings. The large stone unveiled by the Queen still stands to this day near the escalators leading to the tube station. Euston station is aRead More →

IMG 4624 460x270 - Euston Square - bricked!

In my previous articles on Euston Square, I’ve discussed it’s dreadful condition. This week Londonist listed six reasons the Euston Arch should’nt be rebuilt, some in jest of course. I add a seventh, serious, reason – the damn authorities can’t look after the square! There’s a growing hole in theRead More →

IMG 1956 460x165 - Euston Square - where?

London’s Euston Square is a well-known tube station, but where is the REAL Euston square? Like many others, I always assumed this station denoted a grand square someplace. Let’s face it Leicester Square, Russell Square, Sloane Square, and the old Trafalgar Square tube stations were adjacent to real majestic LondonRead More →