DSC 5638fi 460x270 - London's pair of big ears!

Its not boobs, its not balls, neither is it coconuts! Its a pair of ears! And a big pair of ears it is too! Before we move on let me tell you its nothing to do with Grandma or the big bad wolf. Dont get the wrong end of theRead More →

DSC 3094fi 460x270 - Piccadilly Lights Back!

Today the new lights at Piccadilly Circus were switched back on. Sort of…. They have been switched back on for a number of weeks. They’ve been showing various displays such as and fundraising adverts for Barnardos. Today’s actually the first day the adverts went live. Thats a big difference!Read More →

IMG 0220 460x270 - Make love not walls

Diesel’s advertisement feature seen at Oxford Circus tube station March 8 2016 Its been underway for about a month, with major launches at London’s South Bank and during London Fashion Week, finally made its way to Oxford Circus – there’s a simultaneous campaign too on Leicester Square’s escalators. “The firstRead More →