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Hyde Park Now
IMG 2568 184x300 - Holborn festival

Holborn festival

A few pictures from the recent Queens Gardens (Mary Ward Centre) festival in Holborn: Henna from the Holborn Asian Womens...

IMG 2643 300x212 - Whitestone


I was asked to do some photos of the Big Fair at Hampstead today for the local news. The festival...

1 1280 300x200 - Arcs of light

Arcs of light

A year ago I put this pic on my other blog at Existential Camera. I moved it to London Aspie...

IMG 1189 300x200 - Skies above London

Skies above London

Two pictures from Primrose Hill tonight. I tried to capture the double rainbow seen earlier by the canal however it...

IMG 1171 300x200 - Regent's Canal Rainbow

Regent's Canal Rainbow

Caught under the bridge alongside the Regent’s Canal as it pours with rain. A lovely rainbow soon shows up!The rainbow...

IMG 1068 300x200 - Holland Park

Holland Park

The first post I have done on Holland Park despite numerous visits! This was taken this evening around 8.40pm

IMG 0495 300x200 - Musician at Paddington Basin

Musician at Paddington Basin

Guy playing instrument on top of the Book Barge in the canal basin adjacent to Paddington station

IMG 0534 300x200 - Paddington Art Deco

Paddington Art Deco

The 1930’s Great Western Railway art deco block, Paddington Station, London On the right is part of the roof covering...

IMG 0394A 300x200 - Somerset House

Somerset House

A few experiments at the fountains in Somerset House today…

IMG 0210 300x200 - Black and white park

Black and white park

Two views in Green Park today. Despite the wonderful green colours and pockets of sunlight, I found these compositions worked...

IMG 9579i 300x183 - Its that time again!

Its that time again!

Roses and flowers of all kinds are showing their beauty at this time of year in London’s parks and even...

IMG 9071 300x184 - Primrose Hill Palm Sunday

Primrose Hill Palm Sunday

Each year there is a Palm Sunday service at the top of Primrose Hill, followed by a procession, from the...

IMG 8576 300x200 - The Duck-chess of Trafalgar Square returns!

The Duck-chess of Trafalgar Square returns!

The Duck-chess of Trafalgar Square returns! This pm I paid another visit to the square & found our duck-chess enjoying the famous spot all on...

ducks 300x213 - Trafalgar Square ducks

Trafalgar Square ducks

Its not often one sees ducks in Trafalgar Square! Although the occasional duck from the nearby lake in St James Park pays...

IMG 2726i 300x183 - Hampton Court Palace passageway

Hampton Court Palace passageway

View of the passageway leading from Hampton Court’s kitchens. Autumn 2013. Wordpress says this is my 100th London Aspie post!

IMG 8105 200x300 - Telecom tower from Charlotte Street, W1

Telecom tower from Charlotte Street, W1

On the way home from an autism meeting yesterday evening I took this view of the Telecom Tower in Central...

IMG 7180 300x190 - Monet's 1871 Hyde Park painting location

Monet's 1871 Hyde Park painting location

Monet’s London Hyde Park painting of January 1871 – experts claim the location cannot be ascertained accurately due to artistic...

IMG 6756 300x164 - London's Ha-ha! in Kensington Gardens

London's Ha-ha! in Kensington Gardens

A ha-ha is often thought to be something found in the grounds of old country houses. Nevertheless, there was one...

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