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Today its 150 years since St. Pancras station opened its doors. I thought it would be nice to celebrate with a series of pictures. These pictures range from the construction of the station right to the present as well as the hotel and other aspects and there is a good variety of pictures to be seen. Today, the first of October 2018, the station will be holding its own celebrations including a beer festival and a talk/dinner at London’s Guildhall. The pictures are all embedded from Twitter. The station itself is one of my favourites and I shall be writing about its aesthetics later. Let’s drink to the continued success of St. Pancras International!

I have known the station since the days when London’s trolley buses still trundled past. It, along with King’s Cross, has been quite a part of my life as I have described elsewhere. The photos showing the station’s frontage in the early 1970s is practically as I remember it, very dark and dirty. King’s Cross was too but had more life to it, and so did the new Euston, thus St. Pancras was the odd out station along this short half mile stretch of Euston Road. Cecil Osborne said of St. Pancras, that it was ‘sixteen years younger, trying to look five centuries older’ than King’s Cross.

Now its the other way round! Despite modernisation and a new innovative design of roof, King’s Cross simply doesn’t compare with St. Pancras. Like many I treat the former as a walk through space I rarely dwell in, whereas St. Pancras is one I enjoy as a space to relax, enjoy, there is always something going on. It’s a huge difference.

There will be updates through today if new images related to the 150th anniversary show up. A further post will be published mainly covering the non railway side of the station.

DoaK5w4WkAEKiKB - St Pancras at 150
1865 design for a different hotel by Owen Jones to complement the Barlow train shed. Source: Twitter

Doq9iDDW0AEEKW1 - St Pancras at 150
The architectural plans for George Gilbert Scott’s famous hotel 1866. Source: Twitter

B MSMeLIcAA EO0 - St Pancras at 150
The station under construction c1867. Source: Twitter

DT0m6TnVoAAipdB - St Pancras at 150
Under construction in 1867. Source: Twitter

DTpsYJEWkAAE7u  - St Pancras at 150
Construction during 1867. Source: Twitter

DUNaLjnW4AAegZa - St Pancras at 150
The Barlow shed. Spring 1868. Source: Twitter

C55s IeXEAAd8UG - St Pancras at 150
The west side of the station platforms under construction 1868. Source: Twitter

B4hQc4tCIAEqBj7 - St Pancras at 150
Rare view from Barlow Roof of the station under construction during 1868. Source: Twitter

C O8tYRXcAABpAB - St Pancras at 150
View of the partially completed station in 1868 from what is now Midland Road. Source: Twitter

C O8tYUXUAUR7Wv - St Pancras at 150
View of the partially completed station in 1868 as seen from Euston Road. Source: Twitter

DeiF0NfX4AA4DkC - St Pancras at 150
Notice of opening Leeds Times September 1968. Source: Twitter

DCX552MXoAANU7  - St Pancras at 150
St. Pancras probably 1870s. Pic depicts a horse tram – a novelty at the time. Source: Twitter There were proposals for trams here however see Google Books

DkuV6PjWsAIU ix - St Pancras at 150
St. Pancras probably 1880s. Source: Twitter

DlYL2D9XgAEcKQj - St Pancras at 150
Plan of St. Pancras station and Somerstown Goods depot 1892. Source. Twitter

DVLlVL7XcAAPTv5 - St Pancras at 150
French actress Sarah Bernhardt and her entourage. St. Pancras 1894. Source: Twitter

CpB cB0XEAAYPsP - St Pancras at 150
A foggy St. Pancras, 1907. Source: Twitter

Dntixi2XsAAxc4T - St Pancras at 150
The famous London Tilbury & Southend Railway loco Thundersley. Decorated for the coronation of King George V and Queen Mary June 1911. Source: Twitter

CflpP5RWsAAy6ky - St Pancras at 150
Horse drawn wagon and milk float on platform at St. Pancras, 1912. Source: Twitter

CLgMOxXWEAA72VN - St Pancras at 150
Electric trucks being recharged at the Goods Depot in 1917. Source: Twitter

CD qyzbUEAAHy1v - St Pancras at 150
After the Big Four grouping, 1925 or later. Source: Twitter

B54vp4rCUAAFuAq - St Pancras at 150
Somers Town Goods Depot in 1927. The British Library now stands here. Source: Twitter

CWAl F4WUAEb7i  - St Pancras at 150
St Pancras Signals 1930 by East End artist E H Hawthorne. Source: Twitter

DVGgPZGX4AA3P14 - St Pancras at 150
The station did not escape WWII. Bomb damage in 1941. Source: Twitter

CyqHucQW8AElEI7 - St Pancras at 150
Vermin control experts in St Pancras Goods Yard with their dogs and some rats that have been caught. 1953. Source: Twitter

CXLdjSOWEAAOhhQ - St Pancras at 150
St. Pancras 1957 with a BR Standard Class 5. Source: Twitter

DWoIwlkXcAAfOjo - St Pancras at 150
The first ever DMU to St. Pancras. Some queried whether the leading coach was a WR Class 121 single car dmu, others insisted it was a 127. Source: Twitter

Tim Lidbetter (see comments) explains that the Class 127s and the Class 121s do look very similar.

Cf5PaVGXIAAhX6N - St Pancras at 150
Trolley bus at King’s Cross St. Pancras 1960. I remember these quite well! Source: Twitter

DXxSR4PW4AAJYvV - St Pancras at 150
The famous Midland Pullman to Manchester (via the old route through Matlock) seen on poster at Euston ghost tube station. Source: Twitter

C7xSkIxXwAAOe90 - St Pancras at 150
Jump jet at St. Pancras 1969. Source: Twitter

DIF62PDXYAALw93 - St Pancras at 150
St. Pancras 1971. Source: Twitter

DSkHiYLX4Ac3XH  - St Pancras at 150
St. Pancras 1973. Source: Twitter

Dk Ox33WsAI62DO - St Pancras at 150
45105 at St. Pancras 1986. Source: Twitter

DZg8RVzVQAArxtN - St Pancras at 150
Power car 43057 at the front of the the 1600 Nottingham train 30 March 1988. Source: Twitter

CTcahm9WoAAmbih - St Pancras at 150
Midlands HST at the station in 2003. Source: Twitter

C AbNxtXYAAErQ7 - St Pancras at 150
45112 on last loco hauled train to St Pancras 8 April 2004. Source: Twitter

DL9ytOIXkAAVEuq - St Pancras at 150
45112 on last loco hauled train from St Pancras 8 April 2004. Source: Twitter

C vz6E8XYAAiqtn - St Pancras at 150
HST line up 2004. Source: Twitter

C kXjylXcAEd8vK - St Pancras at 150
Class 170 on a Midland service. Probably 2005-06. Source: Twitter

C0 jzCsWQAABQyi - St Pancras at 150
Deutsche Bundesbahn’s ICE 3 at St. Pancras 19th October 2010. Source: Twitter

Df FIsaWkAAHC 9 - St Pancras at 150
Rear of the ICE 3 at St. Pancras 19th October 2010. Source: Twitter

C7a0KS2XkAA8QPp - St Pancras at 150
The visit of a Post Restante TGV in 2012. Source: Twitter

CB6ewEGUsAEXNm2 - St Pancras at 150
Three sets of the classic Eurostars! Only a few sets remain in service. Source: Twitter

CRSYxw7WEAAh7hv - St Pancras at 150
Lego model of the station, 2015. Source: Twitter

CkapMgwXIAAxTRe - St Pancras at 150
St. Pancras International specially decked out for Euro Football 2016.  Source: Twitter

Continued in Part Two.

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  1. That DMU could be a WR Single car as some have apparently suggested, but it is more likely to be one of Cricklewood’s Class 127s (or 115s) which worked the Midland Main Line local services throughout the diesel era. They do look very similar

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