DSC 0028fi 690x495 - Westminster's Winter Windows

The annual Leicester Square Xmas fayre is on from 9th November to 6th January 2019. This year there is a difference and it entails a series of Xmas art by some of the local schools in Westminster. There are 42 or so of these works dotted about the site, howeverRead More →

DSC 0050 690x495 - London’s festive sights - spaced out

Happy new year 2018! And another Xmas lights installment! People will think I’m starved of ideas for posts, simply staving off the day admission be made that there are no more useful posts or topics to be published on this blog. How wrong they are! Anyhow I do want toRead More →

DSC 0578fi 690x495 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Mayfair

A post with a slight difference – xmas decorations in those posh parts of Central London! I could have gone on for hours and hours doing this but limited it to just Mayfair (inc Shepherd Market and Green Park.) Some of these places I would never be able to setRead More →

IMG 6542 690x495 - London’s festive sights 2017 – Harrods

Xmas is with us once again, in fact its just five days before the main day in question, and once again a post featuring an aspect of London’s 2017 decorations. This time its Harrods in Knightsbridge. The famous shop has always had some interesting xmas theme on show however thisRead More →

IMG 7156 690x495 - London's festive sights 2017 - Southbank

Xmas is with us once again, in fact its just twelve days before the main day in question (though mind you this is not the traditional 12 days with partridges and pear trees!) Here’s the first of several posts showing selections from London’s Christmas sights. Despite having taken photographs sinceRead More →

DSC 0061fi 690x495 - London's 2017/18 Festive Lights

Its Christmas time again! Well not quite but its the time when ye olde merry lights go up! Although I only featured one of these at this time last year, in my view there were two sets of illuminations constituting the best of 2016’s lights. This year those two veryRead More →

DSC 6797 - Best London Xmas lights?

Carnaby Street has, in my opinion, one of the best 2016 xmas decorations in London. Forget Oxford Street, Regent Street, New Bond Street and others, they’re just sort of bland. Carnaby Street is very different. For a start it embraces the very colours of Christmas and gives the whole streetRead More →

IMG 1224 - The Marks & Sparks Guy

Another post featuring the capital’s buskers – and we’re back in Oxford Street. This weekend I spotted an eminently enjoyable busker outside Marks & Spencer’s. Had no idea who the guy was yet everyone clearly enjoyed his singing and dance moves. He was right on his marks and sent theRead More →

IMG 1053fi 690x495 - Xmas Mayfair

Cambridge House in Piccadilly is the big surprise. The front area of this long closed exclusive venue (once frequented by famous people like Lawrence of Arabia, Ian Fleming, Rudyard Kipling, and owned by Lord Palmerston) is now open to the public. It has a small Christmas fair on the forecourtRead More →

DSC 6119 690x500 - The Queen's Xmas Tree

The Queen’s Xmas tree arrives at Buckingham Palace! I saw the xmas tree today (1 December) and thought it would be nice to feature it 🙂 It will look lovely once it is all tidied up and decorated. Did you know Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were the ones whoRead More →