loherloopfi 460x270 - The Schwebebahn's Loher Looping

There’s one question that has bugged people for more than a century. Which came first? The Schwebebahn or the München Looping? Today we have the answer. The famous German monorail beat the München Looping in terms of plans and concepts by a whole century. How did that even come about?Read More →

wswaerialfi 460x270 - Schwebebahn to reopen mid-2019

Some of you will know of the problems facing the famous suspension railway in Wuppertal – perhaps because I’ve mentioned it or you may have seen reports on You Tube or in the German media about it. The latest is the railway wont be open for another six months orRead More →

DSC 0142fi 460x270 - A Schwebebahn Anniversary

On this very day, 5th December, a hundred and twenty years ago the very first test trains ran on the world’s one and only true monorail system. This was the Schwebebahn suspension railway through the twin cities of Elberfeld and Barmen in the Ruhr area of Germany. The two citiesRead More →