IMG 1425fi 460x270 - Winter Run

A selection of pictures from today’s London Winter Run. Its the fourth such event but the first for me. The day itself is significant because its held on World Cancer Day. Missed the start as it was 10.45am when I arrived! According to the blurb its said there would beRead More →

DSC 5392 460x270 - Aftermath 23/03/2017

Scenes from today including Westminster Bridge and police processions in memory of the victims of yesterday’s atrocities that took place around the bridge and within Parliament’s precincts. One ceremony at Scotland Yard in memory of their fallen colleague, participants from the officer’s At one point Jeremy Corbyn attended the WestminsterRead More →

DSC 1315 460x270 - Drummonds' drive-in

Did you know Drummonds Bank (now part of Royal; Bank of Scotland) once had Central London’s only drive-in bank? Whilst these are a common feature in the US the UK never really took up the idea. The UK’s first ever drive-in bank was at Toxeth, Liverpool (Westminster Bank) followed byRead More →

DSC 0691 460x270 - LGBT+ traffic lights in Trafalgar Square

Special LGBT+ pedestrian traffic lights were installed for London Pride 2016 following the similar initiative in Vienna during Eurovision 2015.The 50 signs were not quite enough to cover the entire set of lights around Trafalgar Square, hence those the furthest away from the square at the top end of Whitehall were not fitted (exceptRead More →

IMG 8294 460x270 - Removing the Paddington Bears

The final moments of the Paddington Bears in the heart of London – by 1LondonBlog – a record for prosperity! On the 30th December I decided to head for the bears in Chinatown, Leicester Sq and Trafalgar Sq as the only pics I had of these were at night time.Read More →

IMG 1996 460x270 - Whitemall Bokeh

I did some experiments with bokeh this afternoon/early evening. Trying to achieve an artistic look. This is perhaps the best of the set! The shot was taken in the Mall looking towards Buckingham Palace as people and cars headed east. The main central figure is a female jogger. The secondRead More →

1 1280 460x270 - Arcs of light

A year ago I put this pic on my other blog at Existential Camera. I moved it to London Aspie (now 1st London Blog) as thought it was more appropriate. The scene shows several buses at the top of London’s Whitehall, their headlights giving off unusual arc of lights.Read More →