DSC 0125 460x270 - Waterloo's new tube entrance!

This morning the ‘new’ tube entrance at Waterloo was opened. Or if you prefer, re-opened. Confused? More in a moment on that! Today is the soft opening, and next week there will be fanfare when an official opening takes place. The long awaited tube entrance on the north side ofRead More →

CCI12052018 0010bfi 460x270 - The old Waterloo & City Line shut 25 years ago

Twenty-five years ago today the Waterloo & City Line – as London knew it closed for good. The old line or the ‘Drain’ as it was affectionately known to Londoners had reached the end of its days. Friday May 28th 1993, was a whole day of celebrations and countless numbersRead More →

IMG 3777fi 460x270 - The Back of Waterloo #2

This is a follow up to the original Back of Waterloo post covering the history of those streets I wrote about in October last year, these being Roupell/Theed Streets, Cornwall Road etc. These historic thoroughfares are just a minute or two from the main Waterloo Station, whilst Waterloo East stationRead More →

IMG 3703fi2 460x270 - The back of Waterloo

Flabergasted I’d been walking right past these places (and travelling past on the train too) for years! Twas the other day I discovered Roupell Street. Actually Tweed Street was the first I encountered, then Roupell and the others. The ghost sign on Tweed Street caught my eye and so IRead More →

IMG 8898 460x270 - South Bank Cowboys

I met these cool guys on the South Bank today, with their photographers. They’re modelling these denims for a new look urban cowboy style. Photos taken on the Royal Festival Hall/former Queen Elizabeth Hall balcony The sculpture is Zemran by William Pye Some impromptu street theatre by the London EyeRead More →

IMG 3455 460x270 - Faces of Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station is noted for its splendid archway which commemorates the various wars Britain has fought. Lesser known are the faces that accompany the arches and parapets within the station. Here’s a quick look. Many of the windows along the eastern station approach road have this one faceA face atRead More →

IMG 3335 460x270 - Kubrick's Chair

Currently Somerset House has a major exhibition on film director Stanley Kubrick. This explains why the arches have been adorned with red curtains, it mimmicks an old-style cinema foyer! The exhibition runs from July to the end of August. There’s a supersized Kubrick director’s chair, designed by artist Nancy FoutsRead More →

IMG 8480 460x270 - Modified Social Benches - South Bank

Jeppe Hein’s unusual creations have come to the South Bank. They will be outside the Royal Festival Hall (both at the front and sides) along the Queens’ Walk as well as adjacent to Jubillee Gardens, from 9th July until 18 September 2016. Most of the benches have a view lookingRead More →

IMG 9110 460x270 - A forgotten relic of '51

This is the first of a series on whats left from the Festival of Britain 1951. Certainly a lot has been written about the 1951 Festival on London’s South Bank, yet there are things still in existence that are generally not recognised as being part of the Festival itself. IRead More →