Victoria Embankment

DSC 0620fi 460x270 - Underground roads & a herb garden

I have written about Lower Robert Street before. This subterranean roadway, quite possibly built during the reign of King George III, remains one of London’s little used public thoroughfares – even though it provides a useful shortcut between The Strand and the Victoria Embankment. The view above is the ‘newRead More →

CCI01012018fi 460x270 - London Bus Photos – Route 150

Route 150 – Aldgate to Victoria Bus Station This really should have been a 30th anniversary post in the summer of 2017 – however these pictures were found over xmas! The bus route concerned is not the 150 which runs between Becontree Heath and Chigwell Row (which didn’t run onRead More →

DSC 9533 460x270 - London's drive thro' basement

Few people know that one of London’s roads begins with a tunnel and ends by passing through basements/garage lots. Its very near Charing Cross and provides a useful shortcut from the Strand to the Victoria Embankment. Its called Lower Robert Street, used mostly by taxis or trade vehicles. One canRead More →

IMG 3335 460x270 - Kubrick's Chair

Currently Somerset House has a major exhibition on film director Stanley Kubrick. This explains why the arches have been adorned with red curtains, it mimmicks an old-style cinema foyer! The exhibition runs from July to the end of August. There’s a supersized Kubrick director’s chair, designed by artist Nancy FoutsRead More →

IMG 8963 460x270 - Sunflower at Embankment Gardens

Yesterday late afternoon after a storm in Central London, I quickly composed some shots of the flowers in the Embankment Gardens. Many of the sunflowers are now wilting and losing their petals and their shine. Despite that I found a few that still looked absolutely fresh & lovely. Perhaps theRead More →