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DSC 0125 460x270 - Waterloo's new tube entrance!

This morning the ‘new’ tube entrance at Waterloo was opened. Or if you prefer, re-opened. Confused? More in a moment on that! Today is the soft opening, and next week there will be fanfare when an official opening takes place. The long awaited tube entrance on the north side ofRead More →

geoffstationsfi 460x270 - Geoff's least used tube stations?

I assume you have been watching Geoff Marshall’s videos recently, learning which tube stations are the least used – as well as reading that he wont cover the Waterloo & City (W&C) or Emirates Air Line because these are single point to point trips – and cannot have a stationRead More →

offpeakfi 460x270 - Jubilee Line goes full throttle!

TfL’s ‘Out and About’ (those off peak travel posters) have been transferred big time to a gigantic scale! It means the Jubilee Line has practically gone full throttle in terms of TfL’s ‘Wonderful World of Off Peak’ campaign. This campaign began last summer with great fanfare but so far hasRead More →

DSC 0107fi 460x270 - New lifts at Finsbury Park tube

Finsbury Park has lifts to the tube once again after a century. The station’s last lifts were taken out of use in 1921 and there were once eight! For almost 100 years there’s been none. The bottom landing stages of the old lifts can still be seen to this day.Read More →

DSC 0054fi 460x270 - Rare mixed tube track at Baker St #3

Another installment in the Baker Street track replacement works series! This time we can see the entire track layout at Baker Street consists of flat bottom rail, and I assume the work here has been done (apart from tidying things up and removing the other spare bits of flat bottomRead More →

IMG 9643xfi 460x270 - Old tube station reveals itself!

Fifty years ago in February 1959, the last tube trains to served this particular station were withdrawn. The station itself eventually became hidden for good by huge advertising boards and the only proper reminder it ever existed was a footbridge that apparently went nowhere! Recently these advertising hoardings came downRead More →

IMG 9611fi 460x270 - Rare mixed tube track at Baker St #2

The very unusual mixed rail track at Baker Street is no more. It lasted probably just one day! What we now see is the more traditional kind of bullhead/flat bottom rail interface rather than each type on the same section of track. These pictures were taken this evening (24th January)Read More →

IMG 9604fi 460x270 - Rare mixed tube track at Baker Street

The UK’s railways have one type or another of rail which are flatbottom or the increasingly rarer bullhead. London’s underground still has a fair bit of bullhead although this is gradually being replaced with more modern flat bottom rail. Although sections of flatbottom and bullhead can often be found connectedRead More →

DSC 0420fi 460x270 - Black Mirror's Bandersnatch on the tube

Quite a few bizarre adverts have been seen on the tube since just before the new year – these are for Blackmirror/Bandersnatch. My favourite is that at Oxford Circus (eastbound Central Line) which says “when you exit the platform the escalator you choose to stand on will affect all subsequentRead More →

googlewskxfi 460x270 - Warren St/King's Cross photo surveys

A series of pictures to show the alignment between Warren Street and King’s Cross tube stations can indeed be seen, as well as both stations from the main entrance to Euston station by the gatehouses at Euston Grove. Upon doing these extra surveys I found it was much easier toRead More →

DSC 2572fi 460x270 - London's furthest sighted tube stations?

Everyone talks about how near or how far a tube station is, whether its for walking, a short cut or simply an out of station interchange. Or for example its a means of avoiding the tube altogether – like Leicester Square – Covent Garden, White City – Wood Lane, QueenswayRead More →

dg10122018fi 460x270 - The Diamond Geezer challenge 2018

When famous bloggers make claims what does one see these as? Challenges that’s what! Last year there were three Diamond Geezer challenges – alas this year it seems there were going to be none but at this very late stage in 2018 a challenge duly arose and I took itRead More →

DSC 0829fi 460x270 - Waterloo-Bank tube fully accessible?

The recent opening (or re-opening if you prefer) of the Waterloo International station has posed some interesting questions in terms of accessibility. As some will know the former Eurostar terminal reopened on 10th December on a part time basis. It wont be in full use until the next timetable changeRead More →

DSC 0316fi 460x270 - The new Piccadilly Circus station's anniversary

Piccadily Circus station’s brand new ticket hall opened 90 years ago! Who have thought…. its actually a very young age compared to the universe itself, yet at the same time there’s practically no-one around now who will have remembered the new station in its first days. It shows just howRead More →

IMG 8549fi 460x270 - The Tube's new Walbrook entrance finally opens!

The new entrance/exit off Walbrook has opened – and its three years late in the running, not that those delays was going to affect anyone immaterially because Bank tube station already has many entrances. This is a new addition – but what a difference it makes in terms of accessRead More →

DSC 0549fi 460x270 - TfL messes up its disability access advice!

Currently TfL is undertaking repair work to the lifts at Green Park. One downside of this is TfL is advising disabled people to take a lengthy route to avoid the lift works here. The detour can amount to at least forty five minutes or more. Fair enough! There’s a longRead More →

IMG 8237fi 460x270 - Twenty One Pilots to Eweston

Euston tube station (or is it Eweston?) is certainly doing big adverts these days! In October 2018 hordes of people were visiting the station, often going out of their way just to see the impressive Twenty One Pilots advert which featured the music duo’s latest album, Trench. The pics IRead More →

DSC 0305fi 460x270 - Mind those indicators!

Bank tube station is well known for its ‘Mind the Gap!’ announcement but these days it seems people should mind the indicators too – as well as the gap!! Anybody trying to work out what these indicators are denoting might not be looking where they are going…. Mind the doors,Read More →