IMG 7736fi 460x270 - Could eBay Public Transport happen?

London’s buses, especially the new Routemasters, have taken on all sorts of advertising, the new buses being especially suited for this purpose making some very creative and eye catching adverts. This latest one is amazingly for eBay and it’s without a doubt one of the most colourful looks for theRead More →

DSC 5497 460x270 - Leicester Square to Covent Garden - time tests

This is the third part of the Leicester Square -Covent Garden investigation – how long it takes to use the tube/walk between the two stations. Here’s Part One: An overview Part Two: Station sightings Covent Garden station – start of the most expensive, useless, tube journey in London! In November 2016Read More →

DSC 5451 460x270 - Leicester Square to Covent Garden - Station sightings

Covent Garden tube station – where London’s most expensive tube trip begins. This is the second part of my investigation into the Leicester Square/Covent Garden conundrum.The first part is here. We look at the overground route using photos to ascertain if the stations can be seen from each other. PopularRead More →

IMG 4432 460x270 - Leicester Square to Covent Garden - an overview

This is a trilogy of posts exploring the shortest distance between London tube stations, namely Leicester Square and Covent Garden. There’s myths that have never been fully investigated. Time to demolish some of these! Officially the shortest distance between two tube stations at 0.26km/0.16miles (although the closed British Museum toRead More →

night 460x270 - Night Tube out to the sticks

The tube has some strange timetable quirks such as the Circle/Hammersmith and City lines which run odd workings from Ealing or Upminster plus a handful of late night trains through Central London. It begs the question how early one can get out into the sticks – eg Bucks, Essex, Herts – do any strange workings enable it? Alas there’sRead More →

IMG 5487 460x270 - Old Hounslow West terminus & the A1 express - repost

Now that a third runway has been authorised for Heathrow, more changes to the Piccadilly Line will be needed. These pictures from the early 1980s show remains of the original Hounslow West station after it was truncated and the tracks extended to serve Heathrow. The extension was opened in 1977. Hounslow West was builtRead More →

billnell63 349x270 - William Mitchell - LU Signal Engineer

Some of the posts on London underground have been dedicated to William Mitchell. This post explains him. William Mitchell was a LU Signal Engineer who worked for the London Transport Executive/London Transport Board. William & his wife knew my family and he introduced me to the London Underground rail system atRead More →

SthKenplans2016 367x270 - South Kensington station remodelling - a joke?

Plans are afoot for the remodelling of South Kensington tube station. See Ian Visits for full details. These include a revitalised platform (this is the disused platform on the north side), new staircases, lifts etc. There will be provision for improved access to the South Kensington subway. For the firstRead More →

IMG 8577 460x270 - LU staff readying for the Night Tube!

The night tube begins next month. What better than to have London tube staff wear party hats for the launch of the new overnight tube services? Here’s a sampler of what the staff will be looking like come August 19th 🙂 The previous night I spotted the ‘Night Tube’ train,Read More →

IMG 7777 460x270 - Fantastic LT roundel poster!

TfL has just published a new poster commemorating the evolution of the LT roundel. Seems Marylebone’s southbound platform has the only large sized poster so far on the network. There are smaller versions at other tube stations for the escalators as shown below.Read More →