Tate Modern

DSC06649fi 460x270 - The Weather Project

Fifteen years ago the weather in London changed quite substantially. This strange phenomenon lasted almost six months but has not been seen since. It was a time when London’s populace and visitors to London came to embrace the sun as it made its closest ever approach to Earth – andRead More →

IMG 3609fi 460x270 - One, two, three, swing #2

A follow -up post to One, two, three, let’s swing! This is a quick look at what the Tate Modern is doing in terms of SUPERFLEX’s new conceptual/interactive arts installation at the gallery. In my previous post I mentioned the orange and silver framework would go outside the gallery, creating aRead More →

IMG 3339fi 460x270 - One, two, three, let's swing!

One, Two Three, Swing! That’s the Tate Modern’s latest arts project. I visited it on the first public day of opening. And what fun it is too! Never since the Weather Project has there been reason enough to just lie down and relax, in the process watching a world withRead More →

DSC 0772 460x270 - Fujiko Nakaya's London Fog

Following her installation at Pero’s Bridge in Bristol, Fujiko Nakaya has come to London with her famous fog sculptures. Fog sculptor Fujiko Nakaya has a misty moment outside @tatemodern : https://t.co/2cw7atYNdp pic.twitter.com/KdKy8M3fot — Wallpaper* (@wallpapermag) March 26, 2017 Her work is at the Tate for just ten days as partRead More →

DSC 7031 460x270 - The New Number Two

The new Number two? Its not him, nor him, and not any of the others. Its this! The NEW number two at the Tate Modern. The Tate’s Switch House opened just a few months ago, obviously the number is new! I’ve taken many pics of the Tate’s number two inRead More →

IMG 8419 460x270 - Fire Garden at the Tate Modern

Fire Garden by Compagnie Carabosse turned the front of Tate Modern into a “crackling and spitting, after-dark adventure”. It was a fantastic experience to wander among burning metal sculptures, candles, spinning hearths, and flickering flowerpots. I really enjoyed the spectacle. St. Paul’s Cathedral with its burning dome and IK JoongRead More →

DSC 0440 460x270 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views

The new Tate Modern extension opened on 17th June 2016 and the view from the 10th floor of its Switch House are excellent, one of the best vantage points in London! I visited the viewing platform in the evening of 19 June however the viewing conditions were fair to poor.Read More →

DSC 0789 460x270 - Fluorescent tube roundels!

Southwark tube station has installed fluorescent style tube roundels for a few short days (16-19 June) to celebrate the opening of the new Tate Modern extension. Three different colour styles were used. I went along to have a look.The eastbound platform with green on pink roundelPink on green roundel designedRead More →