SthKenplans2016 367x270 - South Kensington station remodelling - a joke?

Plans are afoot for the remodelling of South Kensington tube station. See Ian Visits for full details. These include a revitalised platform (this is the disused platform on the north side), new staircases, lifts etc. There will be provision for improved access to the South Kensington subway. For the firstRead More →

IMG 0714 460x270 - The South Kensington Subway - Part 2

This is part two of a feature on the subway at South Kensington. Part one is here. Pavement Lights It seems there were originally six sets of pavement lights in the subway – including two small lights in the turn from the main tunnel to the steps leading into theRead More →

IMG 0618 460x270 - The South Kensington Subway

Its the most heavily used foot tunnel in the UK, carrying many millions of people, and a subway that links the tube station at South Kensington with the museums alongside Exhibition Road. Despite its huge popularity, very little is known about the South Kensington subway, and since it is aRead More →

IMG 0228A 460x270 - The Wonderpass is open!

The former subway underneath Marylebone Road at Baker Street is finally open as Wonderpass. The official opening took place on 29th January 2016 with participants from TfL, City of Westminster, University of Westminster, Baker Street Quarter, Royal Academy of Music, Bigg Design, and others. The underpass was originally built inRead More →

IMG 1318 460x270 - Wonderpass - how it utilises a bit part from 1863

1863 is the year the Metropolitan Railway opened. It consisted of four miles and six through stations. Of these just three were truly underground. Gower Street (Euston Square), Portland Road (Great Portland Street) and the more famous Baker Street. The main entrance was originally at the western end of theRead More →