20170503 113654 460x270 - A Wonderful Sign!

There’s a wonderful sign just off Great Ormond Street referring to ‘G. Bailey & Sons, Horse & Motor Contractors.’ The firm specialised in road haulage and warehousing and the sign is from the 1920’s when horses were still a popular form of traction. According to Caroline’s Miscellany, the company closedRead More →

IMG 2970 460x270 - Ear Lane

Ear Lane SE1? London certainly has some interesting street names! Drive (or cycle or jog) no faster than 20mph and you might get a sympathetic ear! Although this one doesn’t seem to feature on any maps its found very near the Tate Modern. Does it refer to an ear ofRead More →

DSC 0851 460x270 - Park Lane gardens

One of London’s most secret (and not so secret) gardens! Several times a year its a pretty sight with its fantastic displays of flowers despite the traffic whizzing past at up to 40mph. People may tout other London gardens as being great including that at Embankment – but Park LaneRead More →

DSC 6435 460x270 - City Spires and Towers #1

A new occasional series looking at the City of London’s classic spires and how most are now dwarfed by skyscrapers. The ultimate aim of this project is to find spires that are not dwarfed by towers. There are hardly any! Those that have not been previously affected are finding newRead More →

DSC 4548 460x270 - Tommy and Mary

Tommy & Mary at Debenhams, Oxford Street 18 March 2017 ‘Twas getting quite dark for pics – had to manage the best I could with my ancient digital camera! Tommy & Mary official website Tommy & Mary on Instagram Tommy & Mary on Facebook Tommy & Mary on You TubeRead More →

DSC 2637 460x270 - A Shocking Size Zero Tardis!

Here’s another size zero Tardis – and this one should have the award for the most emaciated of the remaining eight or so slim style police call boxes in London. This one is in Grosvenor Square opposite the US Embassy – and what a shameful sight the box is. Around 2010 itRead More →

DSC 1544 460x270 - Rolling Stones at Marble Arch #1

The Stones iconic image taken at Marble Arch in June 1963. The photographs were taken presumably as publicity material for their new single ‘Come On’ and the tweet below confirms it. The #RollingStones in Marble Arch, London [1963]Their debut single – ‘Come On’ – was released on 7th June 1963.Read More →

IMG 6596 460x270 - Bayswater's 1861 Tram

George Francis Train was an American who introduced tramways (streetcars) in the States. In 1860 he came over to England to introduce his tramways which had been running in the USA for three decades. Train opened his first line at Birkenhead in 1860, followed by three short lines in LondonRead More →

DSC 1315 460x270 - Drummonds' drive-in

Did you know Drummonds Bank (now part of Royal; Bank of Scotland) once had Central London’s only drive-in bank? Whilst these are a common feature in the US the UK never really took up the idea. The UK’s first ever drive-in bank was at Toxeth, Liverpool (Westminster Bank) followed byRead More →

IMG 6844 460x270 - 64, 65 & 67 New Bond Street

The entire elevation to 64-70 New Bond Street. Source: Great Portland Estates 65 & 67 New Bond Street (in fact the entire block nos 65-72) has been razed to the ground. The block’s original facade will apparently be restored after Crossrail is finished. 67 New Bond Street. Source: Google IRead More →

DSC 9533 460x270 - London's drive thro' basement

Few people know that one of London’s roads begins with a tunnel and ends by passing through basements/garage lots. Its very near Charing Cross and provides a useful shortcut from the Strand to the Victoria Embankment. Its called Lower Robert Street, used mostly by taxis or trade vehicles. One canRead More →

maldn 460x270 - The Marble Arch Wheel

The Marble Arch Observation Wheel was one of the city’s most unexpected surprises of 2015. Yet barely anything of the wheel was mentioned by the media. Not one report on its construction or its opening it seems. The only time the wheel made the news was when it broke down.Read More →

DSC 9361 460x270 - Yamaha Wardour Street

Novello House – home of Yamaha Music. 152-160 Wardour Street, London. Novello House which is just off Oxford Street has long been a base for music since it was first built in 1906. For a few years it doubled as an enclave for the British Library before becoming a YHARead More →

IMG 5910 460x270 - David in Oxford Street

David Pianos Sounds played a session in Oxford Street (corner with Bond St) 5 January 2017. I have previously featured Davide here – under his old name ‘Davide Mozart’ – on the pianos at St Pancras. Here’s his You Tube channel  Read More →

DSC 0621 460x270 - St James' Christmas Tree

For the first time this year, a xmas tree has been provided at St James’ at Waterloo Place near the junction with the Pall Mall. There’s been hardly any publicity about it. Not even the local London news, the Standard or noted blogs such as Londonist have mentioned this tree.Read More →

IMG 3909 460x270 - Harmonie London

Whilst practically all of London’s buskers stayed at home on the two days following xmas, one brave youngster took her keyboards to Oxford Street. Her gig on the 27th outside Monsoon/House of Fraser by Bond Street junction proved a huge draw for the many xmas sales shoppers who stopped byRead More →

DSC 0216 460x270 - Aickman in Gower Street

Robert Fordyce Aickman was instrumental in setting up the IWA (Inland Waterways Association) at Gower Street, WC1E 6HB. On Aickman’s 101st birthday in 2016 a plaque was put on the wall of his London home. David Suchet (TV’s Poirot) unveiled the plaque donated by the IWA. As well as beingRead More →

IMG 1472 460x270 - Goodbye Leslie Green, hello Paddington Cube

The future at Paddington without the Leslie Green building (Source: Paddington) Today news is out that Paddington Cube, designed by Renzo Piano, has been given the go ahead. It will soar upon the site of the old mail sorting office. The nearby Bakerloo Line entrance will be relocated and providedRead More →