DSC 5864 460x270 - Jerry's Drums & Band

Jerry with his colleagues by Waterstones in Trafalgar Square. Jerry is a specialist session drummer, whose job is creating drum sounds and tempos. Occasionally he can be found on the busking circuit along with his mates, and they make a great band. No vocals, just live, pure jam session music.Read More →

IMG 4029 460x270 - Divers at Floating Pocket Park

General view of the Floating Park Saturday 29 April 2017 Sign warning of divers at work! Divers were at the Floating Pocket Park this weekend, on what is clearly a difficult job. Getting the modular pontoon floats in position ready to be pulled underwater. Their task is to place moreRead More →

DSC 0978 460x270 - Floating Pocket Park progress

Several days ago I wrote of the Floating Park in Paddington – that there seemed to be some issues with the pontoons & weight mass which was causing everything to go uneven. I revisited the basin this evening and it seems some of the problems have been sorted although barelyRead More →

DSC02998 460x270 - Trafalgar Square kids & pigeons 1920-40s

This is a two-part compilation of tweets and photos featuring young people, kids, friends and even their parents with the world famous pigeons and fountains Trafalgar Square in the days of old, up to the 1980s. One of these is me with my mum…. The Square’s pigeons were a classicRead More →

DSC 0326 460x270 - A floating mess at Paddington?

General view of the uncompleted floating gardens looking towards Edgware Road. In September last year plans were announced for London’s first Floating Gardens to be based on the canal in Paddington right by where the basin meets Edgware Road. Have you heard about the plans for a floating garden onRead More →

postersml 460x270 - My poster pic of The Hod

This is a post detailing a photograph I took of The Hod on 21st March 2017. These were taken just before they played one of their regular Trafalgar Square gigs. I took the picture with my EF-S10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM. It was 18.10pm and the light quality was quite poor whenRead More →

DSC 5930 460x270 - Aftermath 29/03/2017

It’s a week now since the attrocities that took place in and around Westminster. Here are a few more scenes, this time from Traflagar Square, in rememberance of the victims. This makeshift memorial is from the vigil that took place last week. It’s in honour of PC Palmer as wellRead More →

DSC 5392 460x270 - Aftermath 23/03/2017

Scenes from today including Westminster Bridge and police processions in memory of the victims of yesterday’s atrocities that took place around the bridge and within Parliament’s precincts. One ceremony at Scotland Yard in memory of their fallen colleague, participants from the officer’s At one point Jeremy Corbyn attended the WestminsterRead More →

DSC 2637 460x270 - A Shocking Size Zero Tardis!

Here’s another size zero Tardis – and this one should have the award for the most emaciated of the remaining eight or so slim style police call boxes in London. This one is in Grosvenor Square opposite the US Embassy – and what a shameful sight the box is. Around 2010 itRead More →

IMG 9025 460x270 - A parochial school in Bloomsbury

Frontage of no 25 Old Gloucester Street (the 1877 building.) St George the Martyr Parochial School’s somewhat off the beaten track despite being just a short distance from Holborn and Great Ormond Street. Much of the footfall out of the Queen’s Square area is either north to Russell Square orRead More →

DSC 1315 460x270 - Drummonds' drive-in

Did you know Drummonds Bank (now part of Royal; Bank of Scotland) once had Central London’s only drive-in bank? Whilst these are a common feature in the US the UK never really took up the idea. The UK’s first ever drive-in bank was at Toxeth, Liverpool (Westminster Bank) followed byRead More →

DSC 5497 460x270 - Leicester Square to Covent Garden - time tests

This is the third part of the Leicester Square -Covent Garden investigation – how long it takes to use the tube/walk between the two stations. Here’s Part One: An overview Part Two: Station sightings Covent Garden station – start of the most expensive, useless, tube journey in London! In November 2016Read More →

DSC 8064 460x270 - The Hod

The Hod are a London based band from Italy. They’re often seen busking at places such as Oxford Street & Piccadilly Circus. These pics are from their sessions at Trafalgar Square in January & February 2017. The Hod at Trafalgar Square 18 January 2017 Francis Petrini plays lead guitar andRead More →

IMG 7231 460x270 - Two of London's buskers - with a touch of pink

Two of London’s buskers an hour and three quarters apart on the same afternoon. First is Charlotte Campbell (whom I’ve featured before) the light was great and made her pink coat look really nice. Charlotte Campbell by the London Eye at 15.11pm, 18 January 2017. Next is The Hod. IRead More →

DSC 5451 460x270 - Leicester Square to Covent Garden - Station sightings

Covent Garden tube station – where London’s most expensive tube trip begins. This is the second part of my investigation into the Leicester Square/Covent Garden conundrum.The first part is here. We look at the overground route using photos to ascertain if the stations can be seen from each other. PopularRead More →

DSC 7365 460x270 - Leicester Square's blackbirds

I rarely go to Leicester Square, there’s nothing there for me, its quite soulless these days and it’s just a place for those who have money. I have however noticed the redevelopment on the west side of the square in what was largely once the huge Mc Donalds (and soonRead More →

IMG 4432 460x270 - Leicester Square to Covent Garden - an overview

This is a trilogy of posts exploring the shortest distance between London tube stations, namely Leicester Square and Covent Garden. There’s myths that have never been fully investigated. Time to demolish some of these! Officially the shortest distance between two tube stations at 0.26km/0.16miles (although the closed British Museum toRead More →

londonist1 1 460x270 - Londonist confirms Euston Square doesn't exist

The confusing mess, the omnishambles that’s called Euston Square, has finally been confirmed as not existing – by Londonist.Londonist’s snippet on ‘Euston Square’ (and Paolozzi) The Paolozzi statue discussed by Londonist’s writer, Laura Reynolds, is in fact located in Euston Square. Yet that has been described as being the stationRead More →