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DSC06649fi 460x270 - The Weather Project

Fifteen years ago the weather in London changed quite substantially. This strange phenomenon lasted almost six months but has not been seen since. It was a time when London’s populace and visitors to London came to embrace the sun as it made its closest ever approach to Earth – andRead More →

IMG 7156 460x270 - London's festive sights 2017 - Southbank

Xmas is with us once again, in fact its just twelve days before the main day in question (though mind you this is not the traditional 12 days with partridges and pear trees!) Here’s the first of several posts showing selections from London’s Christmas sights. Despite having taken photographs sinceRead More →

IMG 6417 1 460x270 - Charlotte draws the crowds!

I usually spot Charlotte Campbell by the London Eye, although on this particular occasion she was by the Jubilee bridges and this is the first time I have seen her there (although she does perform there regularly) I suppose its because of the time of day or my inability toRead More →

NIK 7226 460x270 - Modified Social Benches 2017

Jeppe Hein’s Modified Social Benches are back on the South Bank for a second season. Last year they were quite spread out along the Queen’s Walk, the furthest seat being almost by the London Eye. This year they’re grouped around the Royal Festival Hall. Most of last year’s seating locationsRead More →

IMG 3488 460x270 - A bin goes up in flames

The demise of a waste bin – and what could be done to prevent it? Are wastebins really useful? I mean those doubling as depositories for used cigarette ends? They’re essentially attractors. Throwing a used cigarette end inside – or poor stubbing out allowing ashes to blow inside onto theRead More →

IMG 7231 460x270 - Two of London's buskers - with a touch of pink

Two of London’s buskers an hour and three quarters apart on the same afternoon. First is Charlotte Campbell (whom I’ve featured before) the light was great and made her pink coat look really nice. Charlotte Campbell by the London Eye at 15.11pm, 18 January 2017. Next is The Hod. IRead More →

IMG 3053 - Secret Sailing Club

Christmas Eve Jubilee (Hungerford) bridge. Established since about 2010,  originally a seven piece band, now usually four or five. On Xmas Eve it was just four (three at the time I arrived as one of the boys took a break see above picture at left). They are local lads fromRead More →

IMG 8873 460x270 - Gonks

Gonks are at the South Bank from November until January. They are said to be hiding in forests around the South Bank Centre. Take that with a pinch of salt! Despite the wood for the trees I found all the South Bank’s Gonks in an instant. Its Christmas at last!Read More →

IMG 8898 460x270 - South Bank Cowboys

I met these cool guys on the South Bank today, with their photographers. They’re modelling these denims for a new look urban cowboy style. Photos taken on the Royal Festival Hall/former Queen Elizabeth Hall balcony The sculpture is Zemran by William Pye Some impromptu street theatre by the London EyeRead More →

IMG 7609x800 460x270 - Swans on the Thames

Its very rare to see swans on the tidal Thames, one is more likely to see ducks. These three swans passed by during the pretty sunset on 2nd November. I almost missed them for they were coming down fast on the outgoing tide. The sunset itself was quite nice but not asRead More →

IMG 9710 340x270 - Charlotte Campbell

I have featured the Miner (or Bob the builder or whoever he happens to be!) and the South Bank/its history a few times on these pages (there’s more posts in preparation too!) I have so many pictures of London’s buskers, both tube and street – and here’s another post, following the autismRead More →

IMG 8419 460x270 - Fire Garden at the Tate Modern

Fire Garden by Compagnie Carabosse turned the front of Tate Modern into a “crackling and spitting, after-dark adventure”. It was a fantastic experience to wander among burning metal sculptures, candles, spinning hearths, and flickering flowerpots. I really enjoyed the spectacle. St. Paul’s Cathedral with its burning dome and IK JoongRead More →

IMG 8480 460x270 - Modified Social Benches - South Bank

Jeppe Hein’s unusual creations have come to the South Bank. They will be outside the Royal Festival Hall (both at the front and sides) along the Queens’ Walk as well as adjacent to Jubillee Gardens, from 9th July until 18 September 2016. Most of the benches have a view lookingRead More →

DSC 0440 460x270 - The new Tate Modern - Roof views

The new Tate Modern extension opened on 17th June 2016 and the view from the 10th floor of its Switch House are excellent, one of the best vantage points in London! I visited the viewing platform in the evening of 19 June however the viewing conditions were fair to poor.Read More →

IMG 9110 460x270 - A forgotten relic of '51

This is the first of a series on whats left from the Festival of Britain 1951. Certainly a lot has been written about the 1951 Festival on London’s South Bank, yet there are things still in existence that are generally not recognised as being part of the Festival itself. IRead More →

IMG 1548 369x270 - The Miner - 2

One of the more popular posts I published this year was The Miner. Although I’ve seen him a few times since this is the first I have seen a complete change of clothes, it being winter (the date is December 9th.) I like the leaves, they add a nice touchRead More →

IMG 9984 460x270 - Autumn Eye

Autumn scene at the London Eye this week. Hope you like! 🙂  Read More →

IMG 9353 460x270 - The Miner

The Miner – A Living Statue! This is perhaps my favourite. A very simple concept too. Many living statues seem to be of fantasy figures however The Miner represents a real figure – in this case perhaps the coal miner, once a common sight in Britain, although the plinth heRead More →