IMG 4456fi 460x270 - Hyde Park update Feb 2019

The title describes it exactly. Its an update on the park. Maybe this has the makings of an occasional series seeing the name of this blog is Hyde park – Now! In fact this is the fourteenth or fifteenth post on Hyde Park considering I’ve written quite a over theRead More →

IMG 9903 460x270 - The 'Inverse Panopticon' at Kensington Gardens

This is part two of a look at the ha-ha and The Mount in London’s Kensington Gardens. Part one is here. The Bentham connection: Panopticons as an idea, were ‘invented’ by Jeremy Bentham and later espoused by Michel Foucault, however the notion behind the idea of panopticism (the act ofRead More →

IMG 6460 460x270 - Bonnington's Paddington

A shot of Paddington Bear No.9 – The Journey of Marmalade – designed by Hugh Bonnington, displayed on the Dell Bridge at the eastern end of the Serpentine in Hyde park. Today 49 of these Paddington bears are removed from London’s streets, squares, and sold off for charity. **Just the SelfridgesRead More →

IMG 9659 460x270 - Paddington Bears by the canal

The Paddington Bears by the canal in…. Paddington, London, W2! All of them! There are quite a number of Paddington Bears around Paddington to commemorate the new Paddington Bear film starring Hugh Bonneville. This features all of the Paddington Bears to be found in Paddington, W2, with a particular focusRead More →

IMG 6756 460x270 - London's Ha-ha! in Kensington Gardens

A ha-ha is often thought to be something found in the grounds of old country houses. Nevertheless, there was one in Central London and it formed the boundary between Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. This ha-ha is said to be amongst the first built in England. Its sometimes claimed Kensington GardensRead More →

IMG 7571 460x270 - The London Volunteer Cavalry in Hyde Park, 1804

A Hyde Park mystery! ‘A Review of the London Volunteer Cavalry and Flying Artillery in Hyde Park 1804,’ by unknown, (image at Wikipedia) is of great interest as it does not show a park that’s recognisable today. The 1804 location is sited above the Titchbourne valley at what is nowRead More →

IMG 8777 460x270 - Did someone actually mention the 'Serpentine River?'

The Serpentine River in London’s Hyde Park? There’s just no such thing in Hyde Park! How dare someone make any claims that there’s a ‘river’ in Hyde Park? Well, actually its very BRAVE these days for someone to mention things like rivers in Hyde Park! In tonight’s The London Standard‘s SusannahRead More →