Roller Coaster

IMG 6050fi 460x270 - The München Looping Returns

This year’s Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – the festival’s 12th year – also sees the return of the Olympia Looping or as we in Brexit angst England know it – the München Looping, or if you prefer, the Munich Looping – is back for a third year. Very littleRead More →

IMG 9747 460x270 - München Looping 2

Here’s a second set of Munchen Looping pictures! Equipment used: Canon 7d with Tamron 18-270 lens ISO used was 1600-2500, mostly at 2000. ISO 1600 is generally my preferred maximum. Shutter speeds ranged from 1/60 to 1/250. The Canon 7d, being quite old in terms of camera technology, is notRead More →

IMG 9341 460x270 - The München Looping

Rudolf Barth’s München Looping The München (Munich) Looping, or the Olympia Looping, is known as such because it’s five loops represent the Olympics. The ride is “one of the best steel looping roller coasters in the world” and for the first time has taken a trip out of Germany. It’sRead More →