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DSC01121 460x270 - London's world of waterways

Just a short post! I’m not able to type well at the moment due to possibly strain injury – instead of the usual lengthy tomes (yes there’s more waiting to be finished and published…) it was decided a thumb-through of the very first decade of the magazine Waterways World wouldRead More →

IMG 2957fi 460x270 - Little Ven-ice

Brrrr! These were the scenes in London’s Little Venice early this morning after a night of heavy snowfall. Its always difficult to decide where to go when there’s snow. Central London? The Royal Parks? Little Venice is almost always the winner because of its pretty canals, the boats, wildlife andRead More →

IMG 4269fi 460x270 - London's Little Venice is not a Robert Browning creation!

It is often claimed Robert Browning came up with the idea the area he lived in should be known as Little Venice. At no time did he ever claim any notion of this nor did he write anything that indicated this should be the case. So who was it responsibleRead More →

IMG 7773fi 460x270 - 110 years of Little Venice's Warwick Avenue Bridge

Picture of the bridge taken one evening in October 2016 Warwick Avenue bridge is 110 years old this week. Originally known as Warwick Road bridge, it was officially opened on 18th September 1907. This post has been written specially for this anniversary to show how the bridge has changed overRead More →

IMG 8485fi 460x270 - The Gatsby Cruises

The Gatsby is Little Venice’s latest pleasure boat venture, and its without a doubt the smallest. Trips are a unique experience because the vessel is a mahogany and teak punt that once plied the Thames during the 1930s. Punts were very popular on the Royal River in those days –Read More →