CC89203 3323609 460x270 - The Elizabeth Line touts its first closures!

In true British railway fashion, the new Elizabeth Line is destined to suffer the same ignominy as all of Britain’s other railway lines. Come December 2018 the new railway opens with fanfare… and then almost immediately it closes! Is this the Elizabeth Line’s first practice run at bustitution? Crossrail’s notRead More →

schollenenfi 460x270 - Driving thro rail tunnels for fun!

Whilst discussing the Gotthard Bahn the other week I got this idea for a couple of ‘road trips’ through some railway tunnels. Generally no-one can just drive cars through any railway tunnels, but what I am about to discuss is very different! Take for example the Schöllenen railway. Some ofRead More →

01011233fi 460x270 - The Gotthard Bahn

The Gotthard Railway is one of the world’s most spectacular railways. It was a very difficult line to build however it set the standard for mountainous terrain which railways needed to traverse. It too had the world’s longest tunnel, although that was eventually superseeded by the Lotschberg and ultimately theRead More →

DSC 0308fi 460x270 - Lymington Pier & Nig Banda

This isn’t a write up on some rap character called Nig Banda who hails from Lymington! Its more about a scale map I have of the railway branch from Brockenhurst to Lymington and a practically forgotten reprographic company known as Nig Banda. The entire Lymington Town/Pier railway plan laid out.Read More →

DSC 0021 460x270 - Bustitution shit rears its ugly head again....

Yes! Britain’s railways are once again managing their incredible assault upon the sensibilities of rail passengers as buses are brought in to ferry passengers to or from Gatwick… you thought Redhill-Gatwick in February was a one off? Nope. Who needs trains when buses are clearly better? Today’s debacle is onceRead More →

DSC 0021 460x270 - End bustitution!

Today’s article in The Times reminds one of the recent debacle between Redhill and Gatwick Airport. Hundreds, if not thousands, missed their flights and onward rail connections. Its clear buses being used to replace trains are on the increase! The use of buses as rail replacement services has reached aRead More →

DSC 0121 460x270 - London's tube stations that began life as a terminus

When one asks which tube stations are true underground termini, Brixton, Walthamstow (both Victoria Line) and Bank, Waterloo (both Waterloo & City Line), Elephant and Castle (Bakerloo Line) plus Heathrow Terminal Five (Piccadilly Line) will most likely come to mind. There were loads more underground tube station termini at oneRead More →

woodla10 460x270 - Central Line - beyond Caxton Road

This is a slight update of the article first posted two years ago featuring the Central Line around Wood Lane and White City and shows how the area has changed and previously overground section of the Central Line are now underground. The header image shows the Central Line tracks asRead More →

DSC07963crp 460x270 - Old railway tunnel at King's Cross

The ‘Widened Lines’ (or what is left of them) are rail tunnels between St Pancras and Farringdon now used by Thameslink. The tunnels were a joint venture between the Great Northern and Metropolitan Railways and completed in 1866. Historically the lines also linked to King’s Cross mainline station as wellRead More →

whitehallrly 460x270 - More pneumatic railway proposals in London

Following my posts on the Hyde Park Pneumatic (the ‘sewer railway’) and the Beach Transit Subways, this is a further look at attempts to build subterranean pneumatic railways in London – and we cover a number of obscure schemes including the Victoria Station & Thames Embankment and the Oxford Street & City Railways.Read More →

DSC 2282 460x270 - Crystal Palace Gliding Railway - revisited

Last October I wrote about this railway that once ran alongside the Crystal Palace: The line’s location was on the upper terrace from near the main entrance to where the sphinxes are. The train would have run past the first pair of sphinxes as shown in the next view. LouisRead More →

DSC 1864 460x270 - Wet Glass #3

Following the popular ‘Wet Glass’ (Oct  2015) and Wet Glass #2 (Jan 2016) here’s some more wet glass! This time its variations on a theme 🙂Read More →

google2013 460x270 - Any remains of Beach's subway in Broadway?

In this second part on New York’s Beach Pneumatic Transit, I investigate whether any remains still exist. This post can be considered an update to what is currently known about the fate of Beach’s subway. As far as things go it does seem that there is nothing left of Beach’sRead More →

midway1 460x270 - Barre's Sliding Railway fails in America

This is the follow up to the Crystal Palace Gliding Railway feature. Following that demonstration this officially became the Barre Sliding Railway Company. The Sliding Railway Company launched investors’ bonds to show it was a serious contender for inter-urban transit. In order to tempt the US market, a line was proposed in Paris from Place Clichy to LaRead More →

IMG 5408 460x270 - Fowler's Ghost

Fowler’s Ghost was a 2-4-0 broad gauge locomotive designed for the Metropolitan Railway by Sir John Fowler. The engine made just one test run through Edgware Road station in 1862 and was a failure. The Marylebone flyover approach shown below is the exact spot where the Ghost stood. Behind the wall is Edgware Road station. The A40 was built across theRead More →

design1891 460x270 - The Crystal Palace Gliding Railway

Louis-Dominique Girard’s Gliding Railway (later called the Sliding Railway) was an unusual train whose origins began in the late 1860s as a test line in the grounds of Girard’s home near Paris. It is said Girard developed his patent from somewhat earlier attempts to build a train that skated on lubricated rails – a scheme whichRead More →

tunnel 460x270 - Beach Pneumatic Transit Videos

Round-up of You Tube videos featuring Alfred Ely Beach’s subway line! I mentioned Beach’s pioneering New York subway line a few weeks ago in a post on the Hyde Park pneumatic proposals. This is the 1st of a couple of posts dedicated to Beach’s pneumatic line that ran under Broadway. The realRead More →

IMG 3455 460x270 - Faces of Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station is noted for its splendid archway which commemorates the various wars Britain has fought. Lesser known are the faces that accompany the arches and parapets within the station. Here’s a quick look. Many of the windows along the eastern station approach road have this one faceA face atRead More →