railway crossing

IMG 4384fi 460x270 - Angerstein crossing's new look

This is about the ‘upgrade’ at the Angerstein foot crossing and its a follow-up to my previous two posts. Not one blog nor Twitter has made any updates on the Angerstein branch since the controversy over Network Rail’s proposal to close the crossing in April. Its being kept open forRead More →

DSC 0824fi 460x270 - Lincoln Road crossing

A few weeks back I made a trip to a unique foot crossing, possibly the most unusual of all those to be found in London – and its absolutely nothing like any of the other foot crossings anywhere in all of Greater London. This is the Lincoln Road crossing inRead More →

IMG 6622fi 460x270 - Network Rail wants historic crossing closed...

It seems the increased popularity of the Angerstein Wharf foot crossing in Charlton has caused some concern at Network Rail and they are seeking to close it. There is a new development has been built and this will mean many more wishing to use the crossing to gain access toRead More →

IMG 6551fi 460x270 - Unusual rail crossing in London!

Angerstein wharf branch accommodation crossing in South East London. It’s fascinating and a must see – especially for those who never leave the City – like me! This must be the only one like it in this country and its almost on a par with the foot tunnel under theRead More →