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IMG 4752fi 460x270 - Runaway tube trains

Imagine a tube train that somehow finds its own way through tunnels. People may think it never happens but these ‘ghost’ tube trains do happen to be reality and whats more they carry a number passengers, no doubt quite terrified in some instances when their trains does strange things orRead More →

DSC 0549fi 460x270 - TfL messes up its disability access advice!

Currently TfL is undertaking repair work to the lifts at Green Park. One downside of this is TfL is advising disabled people to take a lengthy route to avoid the lift works here. The detour can amount to at least forty five minutes or more. Fair enough! There’s a longRead More →

DSC 0252fi 460x270 - Aldwych station

Its now 24 years this month since Aldwych closed, it was the same day as Ongar and that day, 30th September, for many of us posed a dilemma. Either travel on the last public train from Aldwych or the last public train from Ongar? Fortunately Aldwych’s first train of theRead More →

DSC 0020fi 460x270 - Piccadilly Line's Hounslow anniversary

This week is the anniversary of the commencement of Piccadilly Line services from Northfields to Hounslow West on 13 March 1933. This day was also the start of the service at the other end of the Piccadilly Line, from Arnos Grove to Enfield West, a subject I have covered considerablyRead More →

IMG 9139fi 460x270 - Another Piccadilly Line Viaduct Mystery!

Remember the Arnos Park viaduct mystery? How many arches did it actually have? Here’s another Arnos Park viaduct mystery. Well sort of – because the answer happens to be a massive balls up… Let me explain. Arnos Grove station has an exhibition on its footbridge detailing the history and constructionRead More →

IMG 0375fi 460x270 - The Piccadilly Line Extension: Cockfosters 3

This is the third and final post on Cockfosters station, at the eastern end of the Piccadilly Line, following the series that took us from Finsbury Park through Arnos Grove for the actual anniversary of opening on 19th September 2017, and then further instalments covering Southgate, Oakwood and finally Cockfosters.Read More →

DSC 0498fi 460x270 - The Piccadilly Line Extension: Cockfosters 2

This is the second part of the Cockfosters article. The first briefly looked at the station’s design and Holden’s intentions with regards to how the station was actually going to be designed. Here we look at the station itself as it is today, the possible reasons for the design thatRead More →

DSC 0495 460x270 - The Piccadilly Line Extension: Cockfosters

Despite being the butt of many a joke, ‘Cock Fosters’ as it once was, is a real place and noted for being the northern terminus of the Piccadilly Line. The location itself prior to the opening of the tube was not even a major settlement of any sort, just aRead More →

IMG 0349fi 460x270 - The Cockfosters Extension 7: Oakwood #2

When the line first opened in 1933, the location was still a rural crossroads, there was Eastpole and Westpole farms, plus a house known as Mayfield. In many ways its still a country crossroads – for the land north of the railway is protected and now known as Trent CountryRead More →

IMG 8397fi 460x270 - The Cockfosters Extension 7: Oakwood

The line from Southgate to Oakwood passes through what was once part of Enfield Chase, and latterly parkland that belonged to Oak Lodge. This is now part of Oakwood Park. The land falls mainly to the east. This section of line is notorious during the leaf fall season. In theRead More →