IMG 7736fi 690x495 - Could eBay Public Transport happen?

London’s buses, especially the new Routemasters, have taken on all sorts of advertising, the new buses being especially suited for this purpose making some very creative and eye catching adverts. This latest one is amazingly for eBay and it’s without a doubt one of the most colourful looks for theRead More →

DSC 0057 690x495 - Being and Nothingness

The 75th anniversary of the publication of the book! The book was first launched 25th June 1943 under the Librairie Gallimard label and dedicated to ‘Castor’ this being Sartre’s name for his beloved Simone de Beauvoir, the noted feminist. This isn’t a post that claims to be an accurate descriptionRead More →

coverfi 690x495 - A Different Hal

As most of us know, HAL is the very awkward computer in 2001 A Space Odyssey, whose main aim seems to be one of taking humanity back to the dark ages. He wanted neither astronaut (Bowman and Poole) discovering the truth and sought the most devious ways to prevent anyRead More →

IMG 9840fi - Bygones

There are so many places that have markers – memorials and stones, sometimes flowers, tablets, plaques, perhaps even a simple written  note. They can be found in dedicated areas known as cemeteries, or catacombs, or mausoleums, or on walls, inscriptions in the pavement, an entry in a guide book. OrRead More →

IMG 0516fi 690x495 - Knightsbridge Rhino

Is there a rhinoceros in Knightsbridge? According to Bertrand Russell there can’t be one, however Ludwig Wittgenstein wouldn’t have agreed. There’s been nothing in the news about a rhino so perhaps there’s an element of disbelief at work 🙂 But think hard enough about it, take the trouble to lookRead More →

d300n - Why I am an existentialist photographer

Why I am an existentialist photographer? Why not? Lets look at this from another perspective. Famous British philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote a book on why he was not a Christian. Marx wrote copiously on his philosophies but he claimed he was not a Marxist. Has anyone ever written a bookRead More →

d300 - Why am I not a photographer?

Why should I be known as a photographer? Can’t I just be myself? Couldn’t I call myself someone with a camera fad? Do I have to ask if this question’s really important? Bertrand Russell wrote a book on why he was not a christian. Marx wrote copiously on socialism butRead More →

d300n - Quantum Photography?

Ever heard of Schrodinger’s cat? You know, the one that’s either dead or alive. Quantum physics dictates that the cat is both dead and alive at the same time, and its true state cannot be known until the wave function collapses (in other words the box the cat is heldRead More →