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DSC02998 460x270 - Trafalgar Square pigeons 1920s - 2000s

Here’s another compilation of tweets featuring kids, friends and their parents with Trafalgar Square’s world famous pigeons. The pigeons were a classic sight for decades. Its said they had been here long before the square was built. By the end of the 20th Century the powers that be decided feedingRead More →

kingxpostII 460x270 - 1LondonBlog - The first five years

This month is the 5th anniversary of the beginnings of 1LondonBlog! The blog originally began as part of several tasks required on the course I was doing at the City of Westminster College. That essay was to set up a (student) blog… I never planned to keep it going, inRead More →

DSC02998 460x270 - Trafalgar Square kids & pigeons 1920-40s

This is a two-part compilation of tweets and photos featuring young people, kids, friends and even their parents with the world famous pigeons and fountains Trafalgar Square in the days of old, up to the 1980s. One of these is me with my mum…. The Square’s pigeons were a classicRead More →

DSC 6435 460x270 - City Spires and Towers #1

A new occasional series looking at the City of London’s classic spires and how most are now dwarfed by skyscrapers. The ultimate aim of this project is to find spires that are not dwarfed by towers. There are hardly any! Those that have not been previously affected are finding newRead More →

prophecy 1 460x270 - SJ Parris - Book Signing

SJ Parris, author of the Tudor & Stuart based historical fiction thrillers featuring Giordano Bruno, was at the Golden Hinde today for the signing of her latest work, Prophecy. The event also marks the start of CityRead’s month long festival, and thus an Elizabethean flavour for the 2017 event. Here’sRead More →

DSC 2589 460x270 - The attempt to see Lord Byron

Lord Byron’s statue is in the middle of an inaccessible traffic island… I’ve often peered at it from one of the numerous buses that ply up and down Park Lane. As the seasons turned to spring I took a snap decision courage to pay Byron. It was already getting darkRead More →

IMG 2817 460x270 - Heart of the Nelson stair

Nelson Stair (altervatively known as the Navy Staircase) are a flight of Georgian steps sited within Somerset House in London’s Aldwych. The first three pictures show the unusual sweep the stairs have – despite looking as if there is a twin flight of stairs they’re just not symetrical and thatRead More →

IMG 2109 460x270 - Tower Bridge Stairs

The stairwells in Tower Bridge are almost as they were the day the bridge was built. They range from wide sweeping staircases to narrow spiral staircases as well as straightforward flights of stairs and stone steps. Its quite difficult to capture the staircases’ essence hence an ultra wide angle lensRead More →

DSC 5153 460x270 - A White Bear in Mayfair

Today I spotted this bear on a property near the US Embassy, not far from Oxford Street or Park Lane. Its odd to see a bear adorn a doorway however its because a of pub once known as the White Bear. The White Bear – image embedded from British History. According to the London 1856 Public House & PublicanRead More →

IMG 8902 460x270 - The Tower right up there!

Another in the ‘Right Up There’ series featuring the Tower of London, the city’s famous castle on the banks of the River Thames. Tower of London is over eleven centuries old, having survived the ravages of time, and its definitely more impressive than any of the modern structures that haveRead More →