New York

thevesselfi 460x270 - The Vessel opens - and that elevator!

I have been watching the 154 foot high Vessel’s recent progress with interest and have been curious as to how the ADA compliant elevator sited on the south side of Thomas Heatherwick’s controversial gigantic artwork/sculpture worked. In a previous post I put forward some observations on its possible operation andRead More →

tunnel 460x270 - Beach Pneumatic Transit Videos

Round-up of You Tube videos featuring Alfred Ely Beach’s subway line! I mentioned Beach’s pioneering New York subway line a few weeks ago in a post on the Hyde Park pneumatic proposals. This is the 1st of a couple of posts dedicated to Beach’s pneumatic line that ran under Broadway. The realRead More →

title 460x140 - London's proposed sewer railway in Hyde Park!

Victorian London seems to have had an affinity for pneumatic railways. The one at Crystal Palace being the most famous of all, however other noted undertakings were lines proposed beneath the Thames such as the Tower Subway and another from Waterloo to Whitehall, and in Central London such as from South Kensington to theRead More →

IMG 8480 460x270 - Modified Social Benches - South Bank

Jeppe Hein’s unusual creations have come to the South Bank. They will be outside the Royal Festival Hall (both at the front and sides) along the Queens’ Walk as well as adjacent to Jubillee Gardens, from 9th July until 18 September 2016. Most of the benches have a view lookingRead More →