Nelson’s column

text 460x95 - Nelson's Columbrella

Professor A. J. Copperthwaite was a zany inventor, even an intrepid Victorian explorer as some claim. Amongst his many bizarre designs, many more weird than Heath Robinson’s, were a Martian canal dredger, the Brighton Pier Cross-Channel Dirigiplane Terminal, and the Crystal Palace All London Laundry & Public Baths (with itsRead More →

DSC 0691 460x270 - LGBT+ traffic lights in Trafalgar Square

Special LGBT+ pedestrian traffic lights were installed for London Pride 2016 following the similar initiative in Vienna during Eurovision 2015.The 50 signs were not quite enough to cover the entire set of lights around Trafalgar Square, hence those the furthest away from the square at the top end of Whitehall were not fitted (exceptRead More →

IMG 2932 427x270 - Nelson's Column at night

A quick post today – Nelson’s Column with the moon right in front 🙂 I took this picture on the night of 20th April 2016 with my 40mm lens. Sadly the lens was not wide enough to get the whole column in the picture.  Read More →

IMG 8496 460x270 - Busk Festival

The Busk in London Festival – Trafalgar Square Saturday 18 July. A Mary Poppins man? (ie a chimney sweep.) Bertie? Having a bit of fun by the fountains! Typical fayre for the kids, but the adults enjoy too 🙂 Is Nelson amused I wonder? Noises, jokes, merriment, all totally outRead More →