IMG 8090sml 460x270 - Sasha Broad-Kolff - with 'No Permit'

I havent featured many buskers recently however I was fortunate to see Sasha Broad-Kolff partnering with No Permit this afternoon in Trafalgar Square. They make a great duo! Sasha is from New Zealand, a regular at Trafalgar Square, and often partners with others such as The Hod and Marc Sugier.Read More →

IMG 6741 460x270 - Gay Pride 2017

Gay Pride 2017 – the parade took place on 8 July and as always I attend, hence some of the pictures I took yesterday. Like last year’s event, the weather once again turned out to be perfect and everyone had a fantastic time! The Master of Ceremonies. Fantastic revellers fromRead More →

DSC 5864 460x270 - Jerry's Drums & Band

Jerry with his colleagues by Waterstones in Trafalgar Square. Jerry is a specialist session drummer, whose job is creating drum sounds and tempos. Occasionally he can be found on the busking circuit along with his mates, and they make a great band. No vocals, just live, pure jam session music.Read More →

sgtpepperfi 460x270 - Sgt Pepper 50th Anniversary

Having featured Peter Blake in Knightsbridge on here a couple of weeks ago, the 50th anniversary of his iconic artwork for the Sergeant Pepper album has come up. What better way than to celebrate with a few choice tweets? It was 50 years ago today, the Sgt Pepper album coverRead More →

DSC 8064 460x270 - The Hod

The Hod are a London based band from Italy. They’re often seen busking at places such as Oxford Street & Piccadilly Circus. These pics are from their sessions at Trafalgar Square in January & February 2017. The Hod at Trafalgar Square 18 January 2017 Francis Petrini plays lead guitar andRead More →

DSC 9361 460x270 - Yamaha Wardour Street

Novello House – home of Yamaha Music. 152-160 Wardour Street, London. Novello House which is just off Oxford Street has long been a base for music since it was first built in 1906. For a few years it doubled as an enclave for the British Library before becoming a YHARead More →

IMG 7231 460x270 - Two of London's buskers - with a touch of pink

Two of London’s buskers an hour and three quarters apart on the same afternoon. First is Charlotte Campbell (whom I’ve featured before) the light was great and made her pink coat look really nice. Charlotte Campbell by the London Eye at 15.11pm, 18 January 2017. Next is The Hod. IRead More →

IMG 9710 340x270 - Charlotte Campbell

I have featured the Miner (or Bob the builder or whoever he happens to be!) and the South Bank/its history a few times on these pages (there’s more posts in preparation too!) I have so many pictures of London’s buskers, both tube and street – and here’s another post, following the autismRead More →

IMG 4011 460x270 - Abbey Road's new shop

I visited the Abbey Road shop today – even though its been open since November. Actually I did not know of it – only discovered it whilst passing through the area! There’s a nice ‘wonderpass’ approach to the store which is full of information and chronology regarding the studios andRead More →

IMG 9498 460x270 - Oregon Duck at Abbey Road

Donald Duck (as the the mascot of Oregon University and its football team) visited Abbey Road this evening. The football team is known as the Oregon Ducks. One of the University of Oregon’s duck symbols. More can be seen here. A Duck at one of the football games. Autzen Stadium,Read More →

IMG 8496 460x270 - Busk Festival

The Busk in London Festival – Trafalgar Square Saturday 18 July. A Mary Poppins man? (ie a chimney sweep.) Bertie? Having a bit of fun by the fountains! Typical fayre for the kids, but the adults enjoy too 🙂 Is Nelson amused I wonder? Noises, jokes, merriment, all totally outRead More →

Mehlweg1 460x270 - The location of the Sound of Music's final scenes

The 1965 film ‘Sound of Music’ is one of the world’s favourite musicals. Many people know of the locations in and around Salzburg and visit them in their droves. What of the ending scene? This is one aspect of the film hardly ever gets a look in and reference toRead More →

01 460x270 - 'Climb Every Mountain'

Have blogged on foreign locations before (e.g. Meudon) so its time for another! The 1965 film ‘Sound of Music’ is one of the world’s favourite musicals. Many people know of the locations in and around Salzburg and visit them in their droves. What of the ending scene? This is oneRead More →

beatles2 460x270 - Beatles at the Palladium

London Palladium, in Argyll Street, just off Regent Street/Oxford Circus Fifty Years ago the Beatles appeared at the London Palladium – and so began the height of ‘Beatlemania.’ The date? Sunday 13th October 1963. Palladium performance October 1963 – Pic from 103.7TheLoon The Palladium slot was a Sunday night liveRead More →

abbeyroad 460x270 - Abbey Road - the crossing's authenticity

The cover picture of the Beatles’ Abbey Road has been called an icon of the 1960s. “It’s a very simple, stylised shot and is a shot people can relate to…” says Sarah Wheeler, at Bloomsbury Auctions, where a rare shot showing the Beatles walking in the reverse direction was auctioned.Read More →