IMG 3704fi 460x270 - London's JFK statue - update

I wrote about the vandalisation of London’s one and only memorial to the former US President John F Kennedy. The shocking act was barely reported in the media, and not one important blog mentioned it either – very unheard of. That is why I wrote a piece on the matter.Read More →

SAM 6207fi 460x270 - Christ's Hospital Sculpture

Christ’s Hospital was a noted school on Newgate in the City of London and known for its bluecoats. It was established in 1552 and three hundred and fifty years later, in 1902 it moved to the country near Horsham, where a village and a railway station of the same nameRead More →

IMG 2179fi 460x270 - Welsh Memorial in St Swithin's Church Gardens

The Walbrook Gardens aka St Swithin’s Church gardens and sometimes called the Oxford Court Gardens, were officially opened in 2001 with a memorial dedicated to Catrin Glyndŵr, the daughter of the Welsh freedom fighter Owain Glyndŵr, Prince of Wales. A memorial to Wales, sited just a few yards from oneRead More →

DSC 0149i 460x270 - Queen Victoria in W14

Warwick Gardens is a posh road just around the corner from Olympia. Its actually part of the one way system to Earl’s Court. I’m sure many people, including motorists, will have noticed the huge palm tree that stands at the junction, but far less notice the rather unusual monument toRead More →

IMG 3455 460x270 - Faces of Waterloo Station

Waterloo Station is noted for its splendid archway which commemorates the various wars Britain has fought. Lesser known are the faces that accompany the arches and parapets within the station. Here’s a quick look. Many of the windows along the eastern station approach road have this one faceA face atRead More →