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DSC 6119 460x270 - The Queen's Xmas Tree

The Queen’s Xmas tree arrives at Buckingham Palace! I saw the xmas tree today (1 December) and thought it would be nice to feature it 🙂 It will look lovely once it is all tidied up and decorated. Did you know Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were the ones whoRead More →

DSCF0004 460x270 - Changing Victoria

The grade II listed Victoria statue of 1893 at Kensington Palace is currently surrounded by scaffolding to enable major cleaning to take place. The conservation cleaning and intended to remove dust, grime algae, droppings, etc. This is perhaps the most dramatic change the Victoria statue has seen since being unveiledRead More →

IMG 2959 460x270 - The Queen's Locks

Not her Ma’am’s hairstyle but her Palace’s locks! Few bother to take a really close look at the carefully crafted iron locks dotted around the Palace’s perimeter. Here’s some of the Queen’s exquisite locks… The locks are from the reign of George V – who had the palace’s frontage remodelled between 1910 – 13.Read More →

IMG 9703 460x270 - Buckingham Palace's Goring bridge

Buckingham Palace is one of London’s tourist hotspots. Millions descend on the area annually to visit the palace. Yet 400 years ago the area was still mainly open land! Just a few country houses existed and St James’s Park had only just begun to be shaped into that which weRead More →

IMG 9903 460x270 - The 'Inverse Panopticon' at Kensington Gardens

This is part two of a look at the ha-ha and The Mount in London’s Kensington Gardens. Part one is here. The Bentham connection: Panopticons as an idea, were ‘invented’ by Jeremy Bentham and later espoused by Michel Foucault, however the notion behind the idea of panopticism (the act ofRead More →

MG 9815 460x270 - Kensington Palace perspectives

I took these pics today at Kensington Palace on the King’s Stairs, the corridor to Queen’s apartment & looking across the Wiggly Walk showing some unusual and rarely seen perspectives. Above & below: Unusual perspectives of paintings seen on the King’s stairs. The corridor to the Queen’s apartment.The Wiggly walkRead More →

IMG 9882 460x270 - Constitution Hill

The ends of Constitution Hill, leading from Buckingham Palace to Hyde Park Corner. Pics taken tonite. Constitution Hill is a gently sloping hill that rises from Buckingham Palace to Hyde Park Corner. At one time it extended right almost to Knightsbridge & Hyde Park itself. Roads reconstruction ensured the entireRead More →

IMG 9632 1 460x270 - The Mall at night

Some scenes from a series of shots I did tonight around London’s The Mall. This is the road that leads to Buckingham Palace.Read More →

IMG 1996 460x270 - Whitemall Bokeh

I did some experiments with bokeh this afternoon/early evening. Trying to achieve an artistic look. This is perhaps the best of the set! The shot was taken in the Mall looking towards Buckingham Palace as people and cars headed east. The main central figure is a female jogger. The secondRead More →

IMG 3313 460x270 - Kensington Palace

A short visit to Kensington Palace today, and a selection of photographs I took… Glass lamp covers on the King’s Grand Staircase A view of the King’s Grand Staircase’s ceiling. The stairs are also known as the Painted Staircase The King’s Gallery with its stupendous painted ceiling The corridor through theRead More →

IMG 9579i 460x270 - Its that time again!

Roses and flowers of all kinds are showing their beauty at this time of year in London’s parks and even on the periphery around Buckingham Palace. This shot is of the southern flower bed opposite the palace and this time of year is great for flower shots. Red is aRead More →

IMG 6756 460x270 - London's Ha-ha! in Kensington Gardens

A ha-ha is often thought to be something found in the grounds of old country houses. Nevertheless, there was one in Central London and it formed the boundary between Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. This ha-ha is said to be amongst the first built in England. Its sometimes claimed Kensington GardensRead More →

IMG 7385 460x270 - London palace

Kensington Palace is one of three main palaces in Central London. Queen Victoria was born here in May 1819. Kensington Palace viewed from near Palace Gates in the late afternoonThe Palace can be found in Kensington Gardens and it is open to the public. It is open every day ofRead More →

IMG 8777 460x270 - Did someone actually mention the 'Serpentine River?'

The Serpentine River in London’s Hyde Park? There’s just no such thing in Hyde Park! How dare someone make any claims that there’s a ‘river’ in Hyde Park? Well, actually its very BRAVE these days for someone to mention things like rivers in Hyde Park! In tonight’s The London Standard‘s SusannahRead More →