Little Venice

IMG 2130fi 460x270 - CRT's workboat sinks in Little Venice!

Canal & River Trust’s weed clearing and small dredger boat has sunk in Little Venice! It was said the boat had tipped to one side whilst clearing duckweed and this caused it to sink. It is not known why this happened so far. Currently no boats can venture through LittleRead More →

IMG 9573fi 460x270 - Little Venice Cygnets

I ventured home via London’s Little Venice this evening and I spotted eight new cygnets that were out and about. Previously I had seen some pictures of them via tweets. So it was my turn to take some photos of them! The light was quite difficult as it was eveningRead More →

DSC01121 460x270 - London's world of waterways

Just a short post! I’m not able to type well at the moment due to possibly strain injury – instead of the usual lengthy tomes (yes there’s more waiting to be finished and published…) it was decided a thumb-through of the very first decade of the magazine Waterways World wouldRead More →

DSC 5058fi 460x270 - Books and a Cavalcade

At the weekend I visited the Canal Cavalcade in Little Venice, here are some of my pictures from the event. Perhaps the best highlight for me was obtaining 20 or so books and leaflets, practically blowing my weekly budget on food. No it wasn’t hundreds of pounds – just £15Read More →

DSC 0229fi 460x270 - A little brrrit of London

A quick post tonight covering a little bit of London – a sort of zig zag photo tour in the cold and snow (but not always) as night marches on the city. The starting point is the same as two days ago – Little Venice and eventually finishes at PiccadillyRead More →

IMG 2957fi 460x270 - Little Ven-ice

Brrrr! These were the scenes in London’s Little Venice early this morning after a night of heavy snowfall. Its always difficult to decide where to go when there’s snow. Central London? The Royal Parks? Little Venice is almost always the winner because of its pretty canals, the boats, wildlife andRead More →

IMG 8629fi 460x270 - New arrival at Little Venice

Today (6 August 2017) I paid a visit to Little Venice to get some pictures for a blog post covering Richard Branson’s boat! That post was quite a substantial one and it can be read here. I managed to do the  photographs for that eventually however in the meantime IRead More →

IMG 5299 460x270 - Sir Peter Blake's new paint job in London

Today (14 November 2017) one of the world’s most prestigious artists launched his latest commission. This happens to be a pair of barges on the Grand Union Canal at Paddington.Sir Peter Blake is the guy and many will know him as the artist who created the famous cover for theRead More →

IMG 4269fi 460x270 - London's Little Venice is not a Robert Browning creation!

It is often claimed Robert Browning came up with the idea the area he lived in should be known as Little Venice. At no time did he ever claim any notion of this nor did he write anything that indicated this should be the case. So who was it responsibleRead More →

DSC 7669 460x270 - Little and Large

Little and Large are not your usual comedians – not even your father’s heroes. They’re not the Sid nor the Eddie we once knew and loved. Come to think of it, neither are they the two Ronnies although you could call them something like Big Ronnie (Barker) and Cute RonnieRead More →

IMG 7773fi 460x270 - 110 years of Little Venice's Warwick Avenue Bridge

Picture of the bridge taken one evening in October 2016 Warwick Avenue bridge is 110 years old this week. Originally known as Warwick Road bridge, it was officially opened on 18th September 1907. This post has been written specially for this anniversary to show how the bridge has changed overRead More →

IMG 8560fi 460x270 - A potted history of Richard Branson's boat

This post reflects the changes over the years of Sir Richard Branson’s house boat at London’s Little Venice and the arrival of the new houseboat which has been in the news recently. It must be said the new boat now being touted as Richard Branson’s houseboat is NOT his houseboat.Read More →

IMG 8485fi 460x270 - The Gatsby Cruises

The Gatsby is Little Venice’s latest pleasure boat venture, and its without a doubt the smallest. Trips are a unique experience because the vessel is a mahogany and teak punt that once plied the Thames during the 1930s. Punts were very popular on the Royal River in those days –Read More →

IMG 8025 383x270 - Little Venice at night pics

Thanks to the recent Paddington 2 filming, I enjoyed doing fair a bit of night photography around Little Venice. Much of this was focused on the filming and film set however I also made a point of focusing on the canal and pool area, it looked so incredibly pretty all litRead More →

suschitzky - Wolfgang Suschitzky

Wolfgang Suschitzky a famous photographer who hailed from Austria, died recently at the age of 104. Here are a couple of obituaries from the Guardian. Wolfgang Suschitzky obituary Wolfgang Suschitzky, the ‘lucky man’ who created Get Carter’s classic style He originally moved to Britain in the 1930s to escape Hitler, hence much of his photographyRead More →

Londonist published a feature (8 August 2016) extolling the virtues of Paddington, including trains, bears, and canals – exactly what one expects to find in the area! 😉 It mentions Paddington Basin as a branch of the Regent’s Canal…. Many would say that’s a mistake as it’s a branch offRead More →

Canal & River Trust’s banner strung on the nothern side of the famous Little Venice pool proclaims: So Little Venice happens to be on the ‘Grand Union Canal’ only? The Regent’s isnt even mentioned! Let’s consider some facts.One: Little Venice would have never existed if the Regent’s Canal had notRead More →

IMG 9476 460x270 - Central London's unique power stations

London architects Peach & Reilly created of some of London’s most iconic industrial buildings, including several exquisite electricity generating stations. Charles Stanley Peach, who was originally from Scotland, created designs as a combination of practical plus beauty. Many thought his structures far too elaborate for the heavy work they hadRead More →