Lancaster Gate

IMG 6596 460x270 - Bayswater's 1861 Tram

George Francis Train was an American who introduced tramways (streetcars) in the States. In 1860 he came over to England to introduce his tramways which had been running in the USA for three decades. Train opened his first line at Birkenhead in 1860, followed by three short lines in LondonRead More →

IMG 9088 460x270 - London's only road-based tree tunnel?

Hyde Park Gardens, an exclusive road sited between Paddington & Bayswater Road has this very unusual tree that creates what is in effect a covered roadway or tunnel. Such features may be common in the countryside. In London its unheard of. My pictures show this rare and very relatively unknownRead More →

IMG 8501a 460x270 - Kensington Gardens Wildlife

A lovely day today, some pics from Kensington Gardens showing wildlife at leisure 🙂 A raven having fun in a bird bath formed by the recent heavy rains near the Inverness Terrace GateA squirrel poses on a seat alongside the North Flower Walk near the Lancaster Gate.Paddington Bear (aka Paws Engage) poses for touristsRead More →

IMG 7180 460x270 - Monet's 1871 Hyde Park painting location

Monet’s London Hyde Park painting of January 1871 – experts claim the location cannot be ascertained accurately due to artistic licence and a fair amount of alteration made post-production in his studio. It is agreed the view looks towards Lancaster Gate, however the foreground is said to be of aRead More →