Kings Cross

IMG 9153fi 460x270 - Coal Drops Yard: a critique

This week’s posts have invariably been about Coal Drops Yard (CDY) and yesterday’s report was one I enjoyed writing immensely, however it doesn’t belie the fact I still want to analyse the new development and discuss its pros and cons. I thought it would be prodigious to write an immediateRead More →

IMG 7477fi 460x270 - Thomas Heatherwick celebrates Coal Drops Yard's opening

This is a special feature about Thomas Heatherwick! I am sure most of you will not need an introduction to the famous designer or his sometimes controversial work and most will know him as the one who brought the new futuristic concept of design to the Coal Drops Yard at King’sRead More →

IMG 9027 460x270 - Coal Drops Yard: a primer

A set of photos taken this week and today – just before the final gloss is put on and London’s latest and much anticipated shopping and cuisine venue opens. Coal Drops Yard is the latest shopping centre to open in London. Located just north of King’s Cross and St. PancrasRead More →

IMG 7094fi 460x270 - Coal Drops Yard history in photos

The new Coal Drops Yard opens this week! Despite it being a historic site originally built in the 1850s its very hard to find any old pictures – clearly it was a sort of exclusive area being a heavily industrial area for the purposes of railway storage and transshipment purposes.Read More →

IMG 8617fi 460x270 - The Face at King's Cross

Despite what the publicity says ‘The Face’ covers archive exhibition is already on at King’s Cross! The dates given on the official King’s Cross website is 26th November to 31st January 2019 however its entirely installed as of now. The reason for the official dates is probably because part ofRead More →

DSC 0494fi 460x270 - Filthy tube roundels

Does TfL ever clean its roundels? I ask that because I discovered some of the most filthiest roundels on the tube system! These are at Kings Cross St Pancras, and the first, a contender for a possible disgusting roundel of the year award, is one of the two main accessRead More →

IMG 5410fi 460x270 - Another Europe

This is a new photography exhibition based about the west side of King’s Cross station. The subjects depicted are generally traditions and cultures specific to each of the 28 countries in Europe that are being lost. The photographs shown here are my own selection of those on exhibition. There areRead More →

ebonitefi 460x270 - London's forgotten Ebonite tower

The famous 150 foot high Ebonite tower was a huge landmark to the north of King’s Cross at Vale Royal in Belle Isle, even overshadowing the Metropolitan Cattle Market tower in Caledonian Park a little further north. The Vale Royal tower was outrageously demolished thirty five years ago this month.Read More →

DSC 0626sml 460x270 - King's Cross' tube's shoddy green lanes!

King’s Cross tube station on the Victoria Line (southbound) has recently seen a scheme introduced for an experimental period where sections of the platform are shaded green in order to show the areas that passengers should keep clear of. The idea is to encourage better alighting from the trains asRead More →

DSC07963crp 460x270 - Old railway tunnel at King's Cross

The ‘Widened Lines’ (or what is left of them) are rail tunnels between St Pancras and Farringdon now used by Thameslink. The tunnels were a joint venture between the Great Northern and Metropolitan Railways and completed in 1866. Historically the lines also linked to King’s Cross mainline station as wellRead More →

DSC 1864 460x270 - Wet Glass #3

Following the popular ‘Wet Glass’ (Oct  2015) and Wet Glass #2 (Jan 2016) here’s some more wet glass! This time its variations on a theme 🙂Read More →

billnell63 349x270 - William Mitchell - LU Signal Engineer

Some of the posts on London underground have been dedicated to William Mitchell. This post explains him. William Mitchell was a LU Signal Engineer who worked for the London Transport Executive/London Transport Board. William & his wife knew my family and he introduced me to the London Underground rail system atRead More →

IMG 6761 460x270 - The Night Tube's first nite

London Underground staff give their thumbs up to the new service Ihe first night of London’s #Nighttube, most of the activity took place on the Central Line platforms at Oxford Circus, this was clearly the busiest station on the Night Tube (by decree of being theonly interchange between the twoRead More →

IMG 3812 460x270 - Wet Pancras

Pouring rain and nightfall made these scenes on Pancras Road. Enjoy 🙂Read More →

IMG 9938 460x270 - Wet Glass #2

My post entitled ‘Wet Glass’ (autumn of 2015) was popular so here’s some more wet glass! These pictures were taken January 2nd 2016.Read More →

03 1 460x270 - King's Cross Coal Drops

The news re go-ahead for the coal drops at the old King’s Cross goods yard seemed like a good time for me to dig out pics of the goods yard in early 2000’s just before major re-development began. The photos clearly show how the coal drops were once, and justRead More →

gps 460x270 - The Metropolitan Railway's first full run in 1862

Common knowledge: Q – When was the first  full trial run on London’s Metropolitan Railway? A – 24 May 1862 Many sources use this date as being the date of the first full, official, run along the entire Metropolitan Railway. Sadly the answer is completely wrong! During recent research onRead More →

gpstube2 423x270 - The Great Portland Street walk

The news has been abound with reports of TfL’s new tube walking map, which shows distances between tube stations in terms of walking times. The usual walking alternatives such as Paddington-Lancaster Gate,  Aldgate-Aldgate East and others come up again and again (Standard 11th Nov 2015) However few ever discuss conundrumsRead More →