Jubilee Line

DSC 5586fi 460x270 - The Jubilee Line's priority seats

Created in time for TfL’s #Travelkind Priority Seating Week beginning 24th April 2019, these innovative new seating moquettes are set to impress. The colours are more eye catching than the old seats and the message on each one of these seats cannot be ignored easily. TfL say the entire JubileeRead More →

jubilee40fi 460x270 - Jubilee Line 40th Anniversary

A post that does what its says on the label! But first a lovely photo collage from the London Transport Museum…. Opening scenes, posters and futuristic station architecture. Source: Twitter The Jubilee Line is, as some say, a silver fox. Its really so very old! Here’s a picture of theRead More →

DSC 0135fi 460x270 - Great big stickers on the Jubilee Line!

At the weekend I noticed a handful of Jubilee Line trains in service with these huge stickers that are clearly devised as part of TfL’s #travelkind campaign. Its clear this new campaign began at the weekend. Are they really necessary when there’s already stickers on all tube lines of aRead More →

IMG 5496fi 460x270 - Bond Street station - the confusion!

I wrote about Bond Street just over a week ago. Since that post there have been some changes to how passengers are circulated around the station. And it does seem no matter how they do it, the station seems to be quite confusing! First off, this tweet sent on theRead More →

IMG 5437fi 460x270 - The new tube station at Bond Street

Bond Street is now on its sixth phase or so of development since 1900. The new entrance within the western stub of Marylebone Lane was opened yesterday and Geoff Tech explained much about the new station, courtesy of his You Tube channel. Although I wasn’t there yesterday (that’s actually twoRead More →

IMG 2164sml 460x270 - Office block built for a non-existent tube

Bush Lane House, 80 Cannon Street, is a building sited above Cannon Street station. It is the unusual lattice style building right on the corner of Cannon Street and Bush Lane. The building was begin in 1972 and finished in 1976. What many do not know is the structure wasRead More →

DSC 0789 460x270 - Fluorescent tube roundels!

Southwark tube station has installed fluorescent style tube roundels for a few short days (16-19 June) to celebrate the opening of the new Tate Modern extension. Three different colour styles were used. I went along to have a look.The eastbound platform with green on pink roundelPink on green roundel designedRead More →

IMG 7268 460x270 - London icons at St John's Wood Tube

Harold Stabler designed these tiles which were made by Carter’s of Poole. These were for the new tube stations built by the London Passenger Transport Board from 1933 onwards and which included St John’s Wood, Swiss Cottage towards Stanmore, and from Bethnal Green towards Wanstead, Redbridge, Gants Hill, The Leytons,Read More →

IMG 9732 460x270 - Trafalgar Square scene

I’ve barely done any photographs in well over a month, the Miner (2) was the first set in all that time! Took my camera out last night and captured this scene in Trafalgar Square. The tube station entrance is that to the Bakerloo Line’s Charing Cross station. In earlier daysRead More →