nrseal 460x270 - The New River #2

The debate between the builders of the New River and the later, more famous waterways engineer, James Brindley, continues to be a part of debate. Was one or the other the more original concept in terms of waterways construction? In some respects neither were really original although the New RiverRead More →

DSC01958fi 460x270 - The New River

Sir Hugh Myddleton’s New River opened on this day 405 years ago. On Michaelmas Day 1613 itself there was a momentous event. An extravagant parade was led through the streets of Islington and the cheers went up when the first water entered the newly built Round Pond. The New RiverRead More →

ebonitefi 460x270 - London's forgotten Ebonite tower

The famous 150 foot high Ebonite tower was a huge landmark to the north of King’s Cross at Vale Royal in Belle Isle, even overshadowing the Metropolitan Cattle Market tower in Caledonian Park a little further north. The Vale Royal tower was outrageously demolished thirty five years ago this month.Read More →

DSC 0032fi 460x270 - Rheidol Mews N1

Rheidol Mews is a historic spot in Islington. Its been in the news this week because the family who manage the street have decided they can no longer do this job. Its up for auction and it is thought that developers will get their hands on the land.The auctioneers’ blurbRead More →