imperial institute

IMG 6441sml 460x270 - Queen's Tower 130th Anniversary

The Queen’s Tower, designed by Thomas Collcutt, celebrates 130 years since its inception. (The Imperial Institute too was conceived on this day, an anniversary no one seems to have noticed – except me!) I visited Imperial College today and certainly nothing was happening, just a day like any other 🙂Read More →

impinst 460x270 - What remains of the Imperial Institute?

The Imperial Institute as it would have been from this very spot. At least one of the lamps in the modern view is in the same location as in this pic from possibly the early 1900s. See it on Flickr. The Imperial Institute was a huge group of buildings constructedRead More →

IMG 0714 460x270 - The South Kensington Subway - Part 2

This is part two of a feature on the subway at South Kensington. Part one is here. Pavement Lights It seems there were originally six sets of pavement lights in the subway – including two small lights in the turn from the main tunnel to the steps leading into theRead More →

IMG 0618 460x270 - The South Kensington Subway

Its the most heavily used foot tunnel in the UK, carrying many millions of people, and a subway that links the tube station at South Kensington with the museums alongside Exhibition Road. Despite its huge popularity, very little is known about the South Kensington subway, and since it is aRead More →