DSC 2516fi 460x270 - The Euston Green Link

This week as part of the Euston HS2 developments, contractors began putting up the first tangible signs of what is to be known as the Euston Green Link. As well as this flags and banners were put up along the Euston Road. The Green Link is a “a creative andRead More →

IMG 1743 460x270 - Euston HS2 #3

This is the third of my reports on HS2. The previous was made in May 2018 thus four months has elapsed. HS2’s progress is quite well underway with some demolition already having taking place. The earliest structure to be demolished was Euston Downside Carriage Maintenance Depot in Park Crescent West/GranbyRead More →

IMG 1955fi 460x270 - Euston HS2

Since January the first major moves to begin the new controversial HS2 project have begun. Despite recent protests, work has gone ahead and many trees outside Euston station were cut down. I regularly travel through the area by bus and have seen the progress. Today (Monday) I took pictures. HoardingsRead More →