gamagesfi 460x270 - Gamages

London’s famous department store, Gamages, at 125-129 High Holborn, closed on this day in 1972. A. W. Gamage Ltd was one of the city’s leading stores, in fact Gamage himself innovated the idea of department stores well before Harry Selfridge came up with the idea and it was perhaps theRead More →

DSC 2830fi 1 460x270 - Tram Subway

The West End Extra & Camden New Journal this week feature a full page write up on the Kingsway tram subway in Holborn. There appears to be no other news on this, not even online, thus here’s the page along with some current pics of the former subway taken todayRead More →

NIK 7415sml 460x270 - Brydges Place - the truth

Why do people give out incorrect facts re Brydges Place, London WC2? I was looking up some non related information regarding advertising & the potential links between blogs and pishing sites) when some links on Google sent me to Londonist. One page happened to be one about London’s narrowest streets.Read More →

IMG 9025 460x270 - A parochial school in Bloomsbury

Frontage of no 25 Old Gloucester Street (the 1877 building.) St George the Martyr Parochial School’s somewhat off the beaten track despite being just a short distance from Holborn and Great Ormond Street. Much of the footfall out of the Queen’s Square area is either north to Russell Square orRead More →

IMG 2568 307x270 - Holborn festival

A few pictures from the recent Queens Gardens (Mary Ward Centre) festival in Holborn: Henna from the Holborn Asian Womens Association The Vicar of St Michael’s church Home made butter from the Charles Dickens museumRead More →