DSC 0157 460x270 - Flotilla at Paddington

The art installation known as Flotilla will be around for about three or so weeks at the Floating Pocket Park in Paddington Basin. These pictures were taken on the first night when the new display was switched on for the first time, this being 15 March 2018. The boats areRead More →

IMG 4029 460x270 - Divers at Floating Pocket Park

General view of the Floating Park Saturday 29 April 2017 Sign warning of divers at work! Divers were at the Floating Pocket Park this weekend, on what is clearly a difficult job. Getting the modular pontoon floats in position ready to be pulled underwater. Their task is to place moreRead More →

DSC 0978 460x270 - Floating Pocket Park progress

Several days ago I wrote of the Floating Park in Paddington – that there seemed to be some issues with the pontoons & weight mass which was causing everything to go uneven. I revisited the basin this evening and it seems some of the problems have been sorted although barelyRead More →

DSC 0326 460x270 - A floating mess at Paddington?

General view of the uncompleted floating gardens looking towards Edgware Road. In September last year plans were announced for London’s first Floating Gardens to be based on the canal in Paddington right by where the basin meets Edgware Road. Have you heard about the plans for a floating garden onRead More →

DSC 0851 460x270 - Park Lane gardens

One of London’s most secret (and not so secret) gardens! Several times a year its a pretty sight with its fantastic displays of flowers despite the traffic whizzing past at up to 40mph. People may tout other London gardens as being great including that at Embankment – but Park LaneRead More →

IMG 6596 460x270 - Bayswater's 1861 Tram

George Francis Train was an American who introduced tramways (streetcars) in the States. In 1860 he came over to England to introduce his tramways which had been running in the USA for three decades. Train opened his first line at Birkenhead in 1860, followed by three short lines in LondonRead More →

IMG 3763 460x270 - Sarah Siddons - a touch of pink

Just a quick post! Earlier this year – May 2016 to be accurate – those beautiful pink flowers were out again. The tree by the Sarah Siddons statue at Paddington Green excelled as always in producing its beautiful pink colours. The statue was the first in London to depict anRead More →

IMG 8025 383x270 - Little Venice at night pics

Thanks to the recent Paddington 2 filming, I enjoyed doing fair a bit of night photography around Little Venice. Much of this was focused on the filming and film set however I also made a point of focusing on the canal and pool area, it looked so incredibly pretty all litRead More →

IMG 9710 340x270 - Charlotte Campbell

I have featured the Miner (or Bob the builder or whoever he happens to be!) and the South Bank/its history a few times on these pages (there’s more posts in preparation too!) I have so many pictures of London’s buskers, both tube and street – and here’s another post, following the autismRead More →

DSCF0004 460x270 - Changing Victoria

The grade II listed Victoria statue of 1893 at Kensington Palace is currently surrounded by scaffolding to enable major cleaning to take place. The conservation cleaning and intended to remove dust, grime algae, droppings, etc. This is perhaps the most dramatic change the Victoria statue has seen since being unveiledRead More →

IMG 9382 427x270 - The Levitating Miner

Remember The Miner? People often tried to make him blink or move but he didnt. That’s the surprise of being a living statue 🙂 The Miner’s gone a couple of steps further. As well as adopting a yellow colour, obviously due to the cheery days of summer, a new skillRead More →

IMG 8480 460x270 - Modified Social Benches - South Bank

Jeppe Hein’s unusual creations have come to the South Bank. They will be outside the Royal Festival Hall (both at the front and sides) along the Queens’ Walk as well as adjacent to Jubillee Gardens, from 9th July until 18 September 2016. Most of the benches have a view lookingRead More →

IMG 0330 460x270 - A Tyburn myth demolished!

Charlbert Street bridge across the Regent’s Canal is designed as such for both aesthetic and practical purposes. Its gracious curves belie the fact it was originally designed to accomodate the course of the Tyburn river (as a bricked in underground course) and it means that the Tyburn itself approaches theRead More →

IMG 9903 460x270 - The 'Inverse Panopticon' at Kensington Gardens

This is part two of a look at the ha-ha and The Mount in London’s Kensington Gardens. Part one is here. The Bentham connection: Panopticons as an idea, were ‘invented’ by Jeremy Bentham and later espoused by Michel Foucault, however the notion behind the idea of panopticism (the act ofRead More →

IMG 1548 369x270 - The Miner - 2

One of the more popular posts I published this year was The Miner. Although I’ve seen him a few times since this is the first I have seen a complete change of clothes, it being winter (the date is December 9th.) I like the leaves, they add a nice touchRead More →

IMG 9984 460x270 - Autumn Eye

Autumn scene at the London Eye this week. Hope you like! 🙂  Read More →

IMG 9353 460x270 - The Miner

The Miner – A Living Statue! This is perhaps my favourite. A very simple concept too. Many living statues seem to be of fantasy figures however The Miner represents a real figure – in this case perhaps the coal miner, once a common sight in Britain, although the plinth heRead More →

MG 4315 460x270 - Round Pond, Kensington

10th March – there was a glorious afternoon of sunshine, actually it was a strong but warm light, beautiful colours & contrast. I went to Kensington Gardens, where I took some pics of the local wildlife at the park’s Round Pond. Read More →