toureiffel130fi 460x270 - La Tour Eiffel 130 Ans

The 130th Anniversary of the Eiffel Tower! The title’s in French to differentiate it from the main post I have done for this anniversary. This one is just a collection of tweets and news on the anniversary weekend. I’ll probably hit the delete button in a few days time –Read More →

eiffel130fi 460x270 - The Eiffel Tower's 130th anniversary!

This weekend its the Eiffel Tower’s 130th anniversary! On that day in history (Sunday 31st) 130 years ago the Eiffel Tower was opened for the first time with Eiffel himself leading politicians and Government officials to the top, a walk taking over an hour. The occasion marked the completion ofRead More →

516312 460x270 - The Eiffel Tower's Edoux Lifts

Gustave Eiffel’s new tower, to be built in Paris for the anniversary of French Independence in 1889, wasnt just something that could be put up at a whim. No-one had to that date ever built so high, and worse no-one had ever built lifts that could climb such heights. OriginallyRead More →

Luna TMG 460x270 - Autism photographers round-up (1)

A look at photographers who have ASD’s (autism or asperger’s) following on from my lengthy interview with Patrick Welch some months ago. First is SallyM_1976 – loads of lovely pictures of iconic British steam railways. Not just for steam buffs though, she has lots of other pictures including wildlife. Here’s oneRead More →

meudon 460x270 - Revisiting Meudon

Meudon is a major icon in the history of photograph and its often used as an example in the evolution of photographic composition. I wanted to see if Andre Kertész’s famous 1928 Paris scene still existed, so turned to Google maps for this task. Street View doesnt actually take one to where Kertész tookRead More →