DSC 0493fi 460x270 - TfL's Womens Day at Victoria

On a visit to Victoria station 7th March to check the very controversial one way system in use, the new exhibition set up by TfL for the 8th March – International Womens Day – could not fail to be noticed. Some photographs were quickly taken on the 7th however IRead More →

newperpspectfi 460x270 - New Reverspectives

Patrick Hughes’ reverspective is an iconic genre of art that has been around a very long time, over fifty years in fact. His first ‘reverspective’ was made in 1964! Perhaps the most enduring example of Hughes’ work that would come to peoples’ minds is Paradoxymoron in the British Library. LastRead More →

IMG 0330 460x270 - Mulberry's Lights

A special four day light show was held over the weekend in Regent Street. It was organised by Mulberry. The exhibition marked the launch of the company’s new Xmas campaign and was held in an adjacent pair of spare shop units – once part of the former Aquascutum/Austin Reed premises.Read More →

IMG 8617fi 460x270 - The Face at King's Cross

Despite what the publicity says ‘The Face’ covers archive exhibition is already on at King’s Cross! The dates given on the official King’s Cross website is 26th November to 31st January 2019 however its entirely installed as of now. The reason for the official dates is probably because part ofRead More →

IMG 5410fi 460x270 - Another Europe

This is a new photography exhibition based about the west side of King’s Cross station. The subjects depicted are generally traditions and cultures specific to each of the 28 countries in Europe that are being lost. The photographs shown here are my own selection of those on exhibition. There areRead More →

DSC 0293fi 460x270 - Henry Moore exhibition at Canary Wharf

The Henry Moore exhibition at One Canada Square – Indomitable Spirit: Henry Moore Draped Seated Woman 1957-58 takes a detailed look at Moore’s famous sculpture which is affectionately known as Old Flo. It resided in the grounds of the Stifford estate in Stepney for many years. When it was firstRead More →

postergirls 460x270 - London Underground Poster Girls

This summer has seen an exhibition at the London Transport Museum, as well as several online articles and a good number of tweets, covering the excellent work by women depicting various adverts for the London Underground. Many of these are vintage posters. It depicts works by artists from as earlyRead More →

IMG 3339fi 460x270 - One, two, three, let's swing!

One, Two Three, Swing! That’s the Tate Modern’s latest arts project. I visited it on the first public day of opening. And what fun it is too! Never since the Weather Project has there been reason enough to just lie down and relax, in the process watching a world withRead More →

DSC 0772 460x270 - Fujiko Nakaya's London Fog

Following her installation at Pero’s Bridge in Bristol, Fujiko Nakaya has come to London with her famous fog sculptures. Fog sculptor Fujiko Nakaya has a misty moment outside @tatemodern : https://t.co/2cw7atYNdp pic.twitter.com/KdKy8M3fot — Wallpaper* (@wallpapermag) March 26, 2017 Her work is at the Tate for just ten days as partRead More →

DSC 2886 460x270 - Paper Aviary

This new attraction is just a short distance from Piccadilly Circus at St James’ Market – a modern resurrection of the old 17th Century market. Paper Aviary was launched on 15th February 2017 and is sited in the St James Pavilion. #Introducing: the Paper Aviary at #StJamesMarket Pavilion. An exhibitionRead More →

DSC 2282 460x270 - Crystal Palace Gliding Railway - revisited

Last October I wrote about this railway that once ran alongside the Crystal Palace: The line’s location was on the upper terrace from near the main entrance to where the sphinxes are. The train would have run past the first pair of sphinxes as shown in the next view. LouisRead More →

midway1 460x270 - Barre's Sliding Railway fails in America

This is the follow up to the Crystal Palace Gliding Railway feature. Following that demonstration this officially became the Barre Sliding Railway Company. The Sliding Railway Company launched investors’ bonds to show it was a serious contender for inter-urban transit. In order to tempt the US market, a line was proposed in Paris from Place Clichy to LaRead More →

design1891 460x270 - The Crystal Palace Gliding Railway

Louis-Dominique Girard’s Gliding Railway (later called the Sliding Railway) was an unusual train whose origins began in the late 1860s as a test line in the grounds of Girard’s home near Paris. It is said Girard developed his patent from somewhat earlier attempts to build a train that skated on lubricated rails – a scheme whichRead More →

IMG 3335 460x270 - Kubrick's Chair

Currently Somerset House has a major exhibition on film director Stanley Kubrick. This explains why the arches have been adorned with red curtains, it mimmicks an old-style cinema foyer! The exhibition runs from July to the end of August. There’s a supersized Kubrick director’s chair, designed by artist Nancy FoutsRead More →

IMG 9273 2 460x270 - Lartigue's London

The picture of Lartigue’s wife, Bibi, as seen in the Photographer’s Gallery. Titled ‘Bibi in London, October 1926,’ its Marble Arch as I discussed last week. The other exhibition pics, except London, are given much fuller credit. Poor curatorship or just sloppy ‘exhibitionism?’Read More →

1926ma 460x270 - Bibi - London 1926

In the past week several sources have discussed the new Photographer Gallery exhibition on Jacques Henri Lartigue and his wife, Bibi. The exhibition runs until January 2014 A number of photographs taken in London show Bibi at recognisable London spots. However the one shown below has its location uncredited. To me itsRead More →

lumen 340x270 - The Post Office in pictures/Lumen building

I discovered a leaflet about an unusual exhibition, one that few probably have heard of but nevertheless a fascinating display of historic pictures of the Post Office. Its not far from Kings Cross, and is located within the Lumen URC building in Tavistock Street. The church hall itself is also of greatRead More →