Euston station

DSC 0362fi 460x270 - Euston HS2 #6

Being the one about temporary diversions and demolitions underway. There has been a considerable amount of activity this past week or two. More buildings are coming down and others are being internally stripped. The biggest surprise for me was the suspension of the Euston Green Link route which I discussedRead More →

DSC 0487fi 460x270 - Euston HS2 #5

Being the one about cranes and ventilation shafts. Earlier this week HS2 Limited revealed designs for its new structure that will replace the original Leslie Green building in Melton Street, currently used as a ventilation shaft and emergency access point. This ‘release’ is actually nothing new in any way. TheRead More →

DSC 2516fi 460x270 - Euston HS2 #4

Being the one about the Euston Green Link. This week as part of the Euston HS2 developments, contractors began putting up the first tangible signs of what is to be known as the Euston Green Link. As well as this flags and banners were put up along the Euston Road.Read More →

IMG 8237fi 460x270 - Twenty One Pilots to Eweston

Euston tube station (or is it Eweston?) is certainly doing big adverts these days! In October 2018 hordes of people were visiting the station, often going out of their way just to see the impressive Twenty One Pilots advert which featured the music duo’s latest album, Trench. The pics IRead More →

DSC 0406fi 460x270 - Euston Station Anniversary Special

On this day fifty years ago the Queen opened the new Euston station. This embedded video (below) from You Tube shows pretty much the whole proceedings. The large stone unveiled by the Queen still stands to this day near the escalators leading to the tube station. Euston station is aRead More →

IMG 1743 460x270 - Euston HS2 #3

This is the third of my reports on HS2. The previous was made in May 2018 thus four months has elapsed. HS2’s progress is quite well underway with some demolition already having taking place. The earliest structure to be demolished was Euston Downside Carriage Maintenance Depot in Park Crescent West/GranbyRead More →

DSC 0198fi 460x270 - Euston HS2 #2

Since the first post on Euston HS2 just over two months ago there have been a number of changes. The biggest perhaps is the pedestrian diversions that began at Easter. Whilst these might seem sensible I found they were somewhat misleading in terms of distances to Euston Square station. TheRead More →

DSC 0084fi 460x270 - A Victoria Line station's belated 50th anniversary

Almost fifty and a half years ago the very first Victoria Line station opened. What?? No that can’t be possible, the line didn’t open until later in 1968. This is no anniversary of any sort! Get your facts right LondonBlog! Please let me have a say, thanks! This new station’sRead More →

IMG 4624 460x270 - Euston Square - bricked!

In my previous articles on Euston Square, I’ve discussed it’s dreadful condition. This week Londonist listed six reasons the Euston Arch should’nt be rebuilt, some in jest of course. I add a seventh, serious, reason – the damn authorities can’t look after the square! There’s a growing hole in theRead More →

IMG 1956 460x165 - Euston Square - where?

London’s Euston Square is a well-known tube station, but where is the REAL Euston square? Like many others, I always assumed this station denoted a grand square someplace. Let’s face it Leicester Square, Russell Square, Sloane Square, and the old Trafalgar Square tube stations were adjacent to real majestic LondonRead More →