01011293 460x270 - The Southend Pier railway

The unusual three foot six inch gauge railway as it was known in its final form began operation in 1949. The exact date for the introduction of the new trains, signalling and crossovers took place on 13th April 1949. The pier’s first railway began partial operation in 1889 thus thisRead More →

DSC 0096 460x270 - The line ends here

I was in Epping today doing some photographs for some new posts on the Central Line. The eastern end of the Central Line with disused tracks beyond the platforms. The last time I was here was on 30 Sept 1994, the last day Epping had a through station rather thanRead More →

Image5 460x270 - Ongar revisited

In 1989 London Regional Transport announced the return of a full weekday and weekend service to Ongar. It began on 30th October of that year, and huge banners were strung along the fencing in Ongar High Street to declare the new services. I took these pictures four years earlier. 1962Read More →