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DSC 0044fi 460x270 - The DLR 30 years ago (2)

As I pointed out yesterday, the opening of the DLR to the public was not without its problems. Our train which was bound for Island Gardens got diverted to Poplar. On the next day, the 1st of September 1987, I encountered a somewhat more serious problem on the DLR. IRead More →

DSC 0044fi 460x270 - The DLR 30 years ago

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Docklands Light Railway. It was officially opened by the Queen on 30 July 1987 however due to ongoing issues with the operation of the trains it was decided to defer public services a further month. That date was 31st August 1987. These areRead More →

dlrsml 460x270 - Dockland Railway's New Colours

Today is the 30th Anniversary of the DLR. I wasn’t marking it as didn’t think I had anything to write on it. However looking at the new DLR map, seems it should be: 1) Deep Lime Railway (the new dark green.) 2) Dainty Lime Railway (that would be the lighterRead More →